Booby Pack

Monday, June 17, 2013

Don't let the name fool you because the Booby Pack is literally a fanny pack for your rack! This may sound odd to some but ingenious to others. For those who attend music festivals, this is a great idea. From experience, I hate fidgeting with my purse and having to carry my phone in my hands but leaving it behind at home is not an option and no outfit will be comprised either.


Christina Conrad has found the perfect solution! Hello Booby Pack, a sports like bra that has pockets on its side to hold and protect valuables from being tossed around, dropped as well as excessive sweat build up since it's water resistant. It allows you to dance freely without worrying about your personal items. However, the one downside is that if you are bustier, the Booby Pack may not be very supportive. Then again that won't stop me from sporting mine at Digital Dreams in Toronto in just a few weeks!

The outfit options are endless and comes in bright fun colours that are perfect for the music rave scene but also a simple workout session.


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