Holiday Gifts for a Foodie & Cheese Lover

Monday, December 09, 2013

We all have that certain someone in our lives that has a slight obsession with food and cheese. I, am one those people. I cannot resist slicing into a wedge of cheese at anytime the opportunity arises. Feast on wine and cheese for special occasions only? Nah, this happens a few times a month in my household. If you know someone who cannot pass by their local cheese shop without making extreme purchases of fancy cheese and believe cheese is an acceptable meal at least once a day, then you have found yourself a cheese lover. Same goes for foodies.

'Tis the season to give yummy, unexpected and delicious gifts. Here's a holiday gift guide for foodies and cheese lovers.

If you are seriously out of ideas or are one of those last minute shoppers, purchasing tickets to The Great Canadian Cheese Festival in Prince Edward County, Ontario would be splendid for any cheese lover or wine lover! For foodies though, a trip to your local specialty shop to pick up some olive oil, truffles, coffee beans or a special dining experience like Dishcrawl would do the trick!

holiday gifts for a foodie
{Apron} {Card Holder} {Garlic Grater} {Napkin Holder}
{Coffee} {Cheese Board} {Tea Bag Rest} {Flour Sifter}
{French Press} {Scale} {Book} {Stand Mixer} {Cooking Utensils}

holiday gifts for a cheese lover

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