The Lobby: Kingston's Lifestyle Blog Launched

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

"Open the door to Kingston"

If you have ever seen a yellow door around the City of Kingston, Ottawa or Toronto, then you had the wonderful opportunity to stumbled upon a marketing tactic that was taken directly to the people in target markets with ingenious creative executions.

By whom? Kingston Accommodations Partners of course!

Who are they though?

Kingston Accommodation Partners represent Kingston's premier Hotels and Inns. The Partners have chosen to work together to promote the city f Kingston as a great place to visit, but also to assist the development of festivals, events and tournaments that make Kingston an even more attractive and diverse destination to visit.

Kingston Accommodations Partners have re-branded themselves and have made themselves more visible with the goal of promoting Kingston as a tourism destination. With the new image in place, a new lifestyle blog dedicated to the great city of Kingston and all of the great stories within was launched this past Monday!

Check it out:

This is Kingston:

Visit Kingston Tourism at | 209 Ontario Street, Kingston, Ontario


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