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Little Treats | Limestone City Cupcakery

Oh hello mini cupcakes, they truly are the perfect bite-sized treat. Getting these delectable delights from Limestone City Cupcakery was very impromptu as I had a sudden sweet tooth after work. For some odd reason, I only consume sweet things on Tuesdays. Weird much? 

I simply had to share this because:

     a - adorable branding
 b - cutest product
             c - great tasting cupcakes

Check out the weekly deals:

All minis are $1.00

All standards are $2.25

Buy 6 standard - get 1 free

My new favourite flavour is Strawberries & Cream and my go to is Birthday Cake. 

Have you been to Limestone City Cupcakery yet?

Where: 326 Princess Street, Kingston, Ontario


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Limestone City Cupcakery on Urbanspoon
Rosalyn Gambhir
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Stella & Dot {Madison Tech Bag}

Okay so let's face it, I don't think I'm the only one who struggles to find a purse that is stylish yet will still carries all my daily essentials - laptop, makeup bag, wallet, chargers, the list goes on. After carrying the Longchamp purse (which has lasted four years now and still counting!), the Madison Tech Purse might be my new solution to lugging my life as it pairs style and function! 

The good news is that this bag isn't one that's just reserved for fall. It's one I'll carry all year long, season after season. With the choice of black or red, it was a no brainer that a pop of colour was simply necessary for this purse.

To my surprise, the inside of the purse is even cuter especially with the inscription 'Full-Time Fabulous' and berry chevron pattern that is made from a spill resistant material. How amazing is that?! Also dubbed the Poppy for its exterior textured material, this purse has two looks! Zip down the sides for more room or zip up for a sleek look.

As fall is now among us, I tend to coordinate my outfits with accessories that make a statement so the Madison Tech purse is a perfect addition to my wardrobe.

{Signature Stella & Dot Hardware}


Thanks to Abena for being a wonderful Independent Stylist for Stella & Dot

Next time you get together with the girls, think of hosting a Trunk Show, you won't regret it!


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Rosalyn Gambhir
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Hooray for Fall

This is why I adore the season of Fall:

{Cozy Wear}
It's starting to get a bit chilly outside so bundling with scarves, vests, sweaters and knit headbands just gets me in a cheerful mood.

Oh pumpkin spice latte and pumpkin pie? Who doesn't love those? I do!

{Apple Crumble}
Spending the afternoon apple picking is such a nice way to spend the day outside and then coming home to make apple crumble is the perfect ending. Can you say best fall dessert ever? 

What are your favourite things about Fall?

Photo: 1/2/3


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Rosalyn Gambhir
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Philip Lim For Target

The Philip Lim collaboration with Target has been the most anticipated this year with the creation of a limited edition collection that allows everyone and anyone to be refined and stylish on the go. This designer has brought a sophisticated yet functional and accessible line to Target. From bold prints, neutral tones and overall classic designs, this line is made up of women and men's apparel and accessories.

The wait is now over as the collection is now available in stores so be sure to stop by your nearest Target. The collection is made up of shades of navy blue, taupe and black while pop art prints are also prominent with hues of orange, green and red. With several options of day to night looks, this affordable line truly does not disappoint.

A sneak peek at the collection

{3.1 Philip Lim Collection}

The trench coat is my favourite piece especially for the season of fall.

{Trench Coat in Khaki/Blue $79.99}

{Sparkle Sweater in Navy $39.99}

{Pullover in Animal Print $34.99}

{Woven Shirt Dress in Paper Floral Print $39.99}

{Sequin Dress in Navy $74.99}

{Mini Satchel in Gold $34.99}

{Carry‑all Bag in Black $54.99}


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Rosalyn Gambhir
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Taste of Kingston | Ribfest & Craft Beer Show

Let me first tell you that I am not be a big fan of ribs but my main reason to going to Kingston Ribfest at the Memorial Centre Park this past weekend was for the funnel cake. Seems odd I know, but this girl had to try this dish once in her life!

Kingston Ribfest was a three day event that took place from September 6-8, 2013 and a first of its kind for the city. Though the event was admission free, donations were being made to the Partners in Mission Food Bank at the gate. This community festival sure tempted several taste buds with finger licking savoury deliciousness of ribs, chicken and pulled pork. Live entertainment was also present in the background, adding to the great atmosphere.

There was a choice of six rib 'stations' - Ribs Royale, Silver Bullet BBQ, Crabby's BBQ, Horn Dawgs Smokin BBQ, Texas Rangers and Smokehouse Bandits.  However, there was a whole other variety of foods available as well - Funnel Cake Express, Colossal Onion, Heavenly Ice Cream, Ontario Corn Roasters, Pappy's Soda (old school soda anyone?), Tiki Dave Smoothies (gotta have one item that's healthy at Ribfest), Texas Tornado Potato and Jerk Fusion.

Now wait, ribs aren't complete without a drink in hand and there was plenty to choose from. With the purchase of a wristband for $6 that included a souvenir sample glass, each 4oz sample was $1 which was a decent price. Nine breweries were present but Lake of Bays and Mill Street were the two that stood out in particular with their lighter tasting brews. The favourite though was the Waupoos Cider from County Cider Company, it was sweet and full of fruity flavours.

Full of sounds, smells and flavour, Kingston Ribfest was a success and a Sunday afternoon well spent.

While I stuck to cider for the majority of the afternoon, I still opted to sample and expand my so called beer palette. 

I shared a meal of fresh coleslaw, beans, chicken, pulled pork and obviously barbecued ribs that were doused in a sweet BBQ sauce from Silver Bullet.

PS Don't forget the napkins and don't be afraid to get a tad messy!

The grande finale of the afternoon was finally getting to taste a 'bullet' funnel cake which came with all the toppings: soft served ice cream, strawberries and chocolate sauce. Boy was it scrumptious but I seriously don't even want to know how many calories I consumed! Silly me thought a funnel cake came in the shape of an actual cake and not deep fried. I guess I missed out as a child. 

Overall though it was airy and sweet, no complaining here.

Hope to see you all next year!


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Rosalyn Gambhir
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Fall Basics

It may not feel like fall yet but it is right around the corner. As the warm weather slowly fades away, it's time to change up your wardrobe. From cozy sweaters to boots, fall is such a great season because you get to mix and match basics essentials into fabulous outfits.

So in that spirit, I put together some of my favourite and versatile pieces that will provide a solid foundation to your fall wardrobe:

Fall Basics


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Rosalyn Gambhir
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University Edition | Organization + Study Tips

School is back in session and homework will soon be pilling up, so before it gets crazy with readings and papers, it is important to learn how to manage your time and organize your school work. Being organized and prepared for classes are just one success you can have. With a busy university schedule, to-do lists and agendas are a must. When you think of it, the stereotypical student is an unorganized person. While this does not necessarily ring true for all university students, it is generally true for most as there are temptations at every turn, demands and responsibilities that seem to be endless. Yet with simple organization tips and good study habits, you'll be sure to pass the year with ease.

I'll be sharing some essential items that have helped me the most:

File Folder
Binders take up room in school bags and so file folders are better space wise and for hand outs in class. They are also inexpensive, I bought mine a the Dollar Store that had a cute damask pattern and it lasted through all my university years. As a student, you're on a tight budget so may as well start being finance savvy.

Pencil Case
Don't be one of those people who always bug others for supplies. Get a cute make up bag and stuff it with the essentials, this includes post-its, highlighters, pencils, pens, eraser, whiteout, mini stapler and a calculator! Don't assume that your professors or teaching assistants will have everything, so be ready.

They are much better than taking notes on loose pieces of paper that you may lose or misplace! Trust me, this has happened to me and asking other people for notes sometimes gets tiring. I also highly recommend five subject notebooks as they have pockets inside for any addition papers and carrying all your notes in one book is easier.

This will be your baby. It was personally my key to staying on top of things as I wrote everything down from school work to extracurricular events to blog posts. Knowing what is due on what days and not relying on your memory or others will save you so much time!

Never Procrastinate
Get work done as soon as you get it because waiting till the last minute will not benefit you especially if you run into trouble or questions. It will also allow you to have more time to socialize and have fun. Remember this isn't high school anymore, professors don't care about your excuses and will not pity you. 

Attend Class
The first thing you may want to do with your new found freedom is not to go to class, but you will highly regret this down the road. So pay attention, take notes and turn off any distractions i.e. phones and laptops.

I'm not sure how people pull all nighters but I need sleep to function. Sleeping is important to doing well and there's a less chance of falling asleep in class!

Support System
You don't realize it but having one of these is crucial to succeeding in school and I only clued into this when I had a wake up call summer before my fourth year of university. This can be one person or a group from friends, significant others or family. But having someone you can turn to when times are hard or when you just want to break down with no judgement or questions asked, these people are there for you.

Find a quiet place to study with few distractions, this will help you to focus on your studies. You may also form a study group if it helps and work together with classmates. Within this situation, it would be a great time to collaborate and practice old tests/exams from previous years. Lastly, take breaks as getting up and moving around every hour for ten minutes will help you concentrate more. Each person has their own study habits, so do what works best for you! I was one of those students who studied on their own first, talking aloud, memorizing important facts and redoing questions nonstop because when it comes to studying for a course, there is always something you can be doing!

You're immediate thought would be to head to the bookstore but STOP right there! As students and parents, we are trying to save money. Instead of buying brand new textbooks for a single year, ask upper years/frosh leaders to see if they are selling theirs. There are also several Facebook groups now days dedicated to selling/buying used textbooks within your college/university. This will save you half the cost or more. Though remember, some classes require special course packs or readings that may only be found at your campus bookstore. Be ready to shop around and find the best bang for your buck!

Good luck with your year and I would love to hear you're tips, so please share!

Just a few pictures from my years at Queen's University:

{Move In Day - Victoria Hall - 2008}

{Last Official Day Of Undergraduate Classes at QueensU - 2012}

{Graduating! - 2012}

Rosalyn Gambhir
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Brand Love {Gap}

Thanks to the new preppy pieces and brightly colored items, along with always having great promotions in store, GAP and I have now rekindled our relationship thanks to the new J.Crew like image. Having only been introduced to GAP a few years ago, it wasn't my prime place to shop until this year and finally feeling confident with my personal style. 

Compared the J.Crew, GAP clothing fits my curvy frame a lot better and is a fraction of the cost. With a reasonable price point, GAP has also been quite the experience with free shipping over $50 and free returns when online shopping.

This fall, Gap has turned its focus on classic fitted denim, colour blocked styling and pieces with boxier silhouettes, but overall the look is more polished and easy to wear. Gap now offers the perfect chambray shirts and printed shoes, I think I'm in love. 

With a much needed revamp, GAP as a brand has created a comeback within the fashion industry and the digital world. Teaming up with influential fashion bloggers and reaching out into that niche of a platform is impressive when it results in Styld.by, where GAP fashion is translated into looks created by bloggers. Overall GAP has made significant progress in the right direction.

Can't wait to pop by a store soon!


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Rosalyn Gambhir
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University Edition | First Year Advice

It's that time of year where students are entering a new point in their lives and going off to university. You may be nervous or excited but nonetheless university is your time to shine as you are starting with a clean slate. Along with this comes independence and decisions that will affect your future. The first week of university will be the most important, so soak up everything you can and make sure to attend orientations events as this is your chance to meet new people.

I compiled a short but crucial list of advice that I wish I had back in the day :

{Queen's University}

Avoid purchasing textbooks from your school's bookstore

Let me tell you, I was a real keener in first year and made sure I had most of my books bought by the end of first week of classes, this was a mistake. Instead I recommend you to buy used textbooks from either upper years or find an alternative cheaper method online.

Get involved

There is a plethora of club and activities for you to join on campus, name your interest and it'll probably exist. This is your chance to network and meet new friends. Being in university is not the time to be shy but open yourself up to new opportunities. You can also go beyond your university campus. It's easy to be on campus all the time but take the time to immerse yourself in the community at large and its residents.

Go to your classes

Let's face it, you're in university to learn and get a degree. Avoid the temptation of skipping class because later on it will become addictive and you may regret it. Going to class will play in your favour as many professors give subtle hints as to what will be on exams during class. 

Avoid any in class distractions

Phones and laptops can be put away, Facebook and Twitter can be checked in your spare time. Get your pen and paper out instead!

Manage your time wisely

An agenda will be your best friend. Make sure you get all your work done before going out and being social.

Don't be afraid to talk to your professors

It sounds intimidating but in the long run it will benefit you as they will remember who you are. Take advantage of professors office hours. It is the best way to get help and have your professor put a name to a face. So come exam time, they will be much more willing to help a student who has shown steady effort rather than a student who is virtually non existent and skips. In addition, building a strong relationship with your professor can lead to teaching assistant opportunities and better recommendations.

Try to stay healthy

Without mom and dad there, it may be tempting to always have chicken fingers or pizza but Freshman 15 is a real challenge to avoid. With the right food and enough sleep, you won't have a problem. Utilizing the gym facilities on your campus is also strongly encouraged. Go exercise in between classes (or early in the morning) and stay in shape.

Back up your files

This should be a no brainer as you seriously do not need to be tech savvy to know that backing up your laptop is probably the most important thing to do while in university. Use an external hard drive or Dropbox to save everything, especially important essays, reports, research material you name it!

Four years will pass by in no time so be sure to enjoy every moment you have being involved, social and of course studious. 

Soon this will be you:

{Last days at Queen's University with housemates}

{Showing off our Iron Rings}

Look out for more University Edition posts!

Rosalyn Gambhir
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