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Blog Archive

Rewarding yourself

So I had a conversation with a friend a few nights ago, that got that me thinking about life and rewarding yourself. Lets just say the last two weeks has honestly been the first time in a long time that I have actually not 'worked'. I cannot remember the last time I took a vacation or time off to myself, other than weekends. In other words, I went from school to work and vice versa for the past couple of years. I don't want to say that I am addicted to working, but I will admit that I kind of am. Working keeps me busy, motivated and keeps my mind focused. For the most part, I am simply consumed with my work that I don't even realize how much time I've actually spent working. And I generally like what I'm doing!


My concept is that, working hard and striving for what you want will eventually pay off. One of the few things I appreciate my dad teaching and instilling into me.

While I may be young, I still have the rest of my life. Then again, some may say live for the moment, as you don't know what will happen tomorrow. I guess they have a point but I’ve just always been taught to work hard and play later. 

However, I have been seriously buckling down and applying to jobs within my field of interests as well as catching up on some much attended online work this past week. So I’m not sure if this even counts as taking time to myself as a I am constantly crossing off things on my to do lists.

My idea of rewarding myself is once I complete a few tasks and depending on my mood, I will either indulge is some retail therapy, do takeout or have some frozen yogurt from either Menchies or Mio Yogi (yes, even in winter)! 

How do you reward yourself?

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Rosalyn Gambhir
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The Black Friday sale commences

While this post may be out of the ordinary, it is quite relevant to discuss what this coming Friday is. It may not be as big in Canada but down south in the States, it’s a big deal. You got it, they are preparing for their annual Black Friday sale, one of the craziest sales of the year, when there is massive advertising and media frenzy urging you to save big!

{Love Twenty}

How do you ignore all of this? 

Well, when it comes to us women…we have a hard time resisting that four-letter word, s-a-l-e. We primarily contribute to the overall spending on this day by 48 percent and most likely spend weeks in advance talking about it on Facebook or Twitter. But how can you pass up a bargain for a product that you’re tempted to buy? My suggestion is to simply shop the sales from your comfy couch and avoid those long lines. 

Then again, however you may be shopping tomorrow, whether it is online or in person, be a confident consumer. Do your research and why not use an app to aid you with your holiday shopping.


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Rosalyn Gambhir
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