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Blog Archive

Single, It`s Complicated, In a Relationship...

So this past weekend, my good friend and I were talking about guys and it progressed to us discussing the topic of Facebook relationship statuses. Are you one of those individuals who openly declare their romance situation to the world? If you are, then join the other million who do because you are not the only. However, I am not one of those people. I like to keep things private. I`m the type of person who lives for the moment - not the label. On the other hand, the internet has made privacy virtually obsolete and has made public announcements of things like relationships, the norm but  I would prefer not to share my love life with the online community and would rather opt out from "digital PDA" altogether.

Unfortunately, I know several women who care about "status" whether it`s in the real-world or on Facebook. Then again, women have been defined by men and the so called label makes them feel secure. My personal opinion, it`s `official` when two individual have `the talk` and from experience this is truly important to every relationship. So when people say, "It's only official when it`s on Facebook," I completely disagree. I do not need a social networking site such as Facebook to publicize my personal life. I simply prefer to inform the people closest to me at my own discretion and then others gradually, over time. I know some may not understand my logic and see displaying their relationship status on Facebook as a symbol of declaring their love and it's understandable as we now live in a technology based society. Hence for me, relationship statuses = unnecessary way to let the world know you are with someone + lack of privacy.

Also for many people, Facebook has come to mirror how they see themselves in real life and the one thing that mixes it up is the relationship status. This can ultimately make things complicated as you are joining two people in the social networking world. My real question is about proper etiquette when it comes to sharing this kind of information online or does etiquette simply go out the window when it comes to this issue?

Rosalyn Gambhir
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Emma Watson

Images from Vogue US

At twenty one years of age, with a new liberating look and having attended Brown University for a while, Emma Watson has matured into a stunning woman. She has finally embraced her feminine side and it clearly shows as she dominates as Britain’s it-girl. Watson was given the chance to grace in Vogue’s July issue and she deserves it, ‘in ultimate confirmation of her arrival as a fashion star.’ However according to Watson, fashion does not rule her life, but she is very fond of it, as she sees ‘fashion as a creative outlet, an extension or form of art.’ Going on, growing up as role model to several young teenagers, Watson is quite normal for her age and has developed a strong idea of personal style. Thus I applaud and admire Emma for handling her career with such poise and dignity. Emma is now saying adieu to the girl that we have all fell in love with ten years ago, Hermione, well at least in style terms as filming for the last part of Harry Potter has come to an end. I wish this bright actress the best of luck with her future plans.
Rosalyn Gambhir
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Favorite Foods

Dynamite Sushi Roll. Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise Sauce. Bacon Cheddar Waffles. Apple Crumble. Breaded Calamari. Atlantic Sea Bass. Strawberry Ice Cream. Strawberry Balsamic Flatbread topped with goat cheese. Crème Brulee. Blueberry Pancakes. Extra Old Cheddar Cheese. French Baguette. Mushrooms. Panna Cotta. Cheese Fondue. Crepes. Tartufo (Italian ice-cream dessert). Ciabetta Bread. Tomato and Mozzarella. Chicken and Blue Cheese Sandwiches. Falafel. Butternut Squash Soup. Cheddar Cheese and Jam on Toast. Raspberry Lemonade. Chicken Curry. Mahi Mahi in Butter Sauce. Lobster Ravioli. Spanakopita. Tiramisu. Wild Mushroom Bisque. Chocolate Soufflé. Scallops. Asparagus and Prosciutto. Roasted Sweet Potatoes. Apple Muffins. Osso Bucco. Etc…

Images from Lumdimsum  ReluctantGourmet  Chefarjun - Digbypines  Askgeorgie

Rosalyn Gambhir
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About Myself – 20 Random Facts

I`m slightly obsessive compulsive – I make lists, color coordinate everything, am a neat freak about my personal space i.e. my room, closet..
My happy place is always down by a lake.
Carousels and strawberry sundaes remind me of my childhood.
My favorite snack is strawberry jam and cheddar cheese on toast.
I love the smell after it rains and I love thunderstorms.
I secretly write songs and poems (Whoops I guess that`s not a secret anymore, unless you read this..)
I have a hard time letting people in and talking about my emotions.
I may come across as being shy, but I am a super silly, outgoing person who giggles excessively.
I can be extremely competitive when it comes to sports and I don`t mind getting down and dirty.
I enjoy everything espionage related and one day I secretly hope to be a spy.(A girl can dream lol)
I have a crush on Scott Speedman and Jake Gyllenhaal then again who doesn`t.
I love 80s movies and am obsessed with 60s and 70s music.
When I was smaller I wanted to either be a Cosmologist or a Forensic Anthropologist.
I`m way too nice of a person but if you ever cross me, I swear I will make you suffer in every inch of your body.
I am not a very materialistic kind of person and enjoy the simple things in life. Hence, I am grateful for everything I have.
My philosophy is that if you like a girl, be confident and make a move. Don`t be a coward and make her wait while you decide what you want with you life, because she will move on.
I appreciate the old romantic ways. Flowers, Love Letters, Sweet Nothings, and Surprise Visits. The modern ways, well, I’m just not buying it - it lacks thoughtfulness.
I`m still undecided on what I want to do after university but I may go for a Master’s in International Policy and Strategic Intelligence or a Master`s in Security and Intelligence or even possibly start up my own business like my father who has inspired me in every aspect of my life. Then again, I love surprises, so you never know, I may end up working for a magazine or be my own boss.
I have struggled with my weight and physical appearance since I was 12.  In my mind I will never be pretty enough nor thin enough.  High school was difficult in the sense that was when I was my 'thinnest' and was terrified to eat much of anything.  As I get older, it’s easier for me to fight those thoughts but some days are much worse than others. However, university was the worse time for me when it came to this issue but with the help of two great friends and great support, I changed my lifestyle to incorporate a healthy diet and daily workouts. It’s a constant struggle but mentally and physically, this is the healthiest I’ve ever been.

My third year of university was the time I grew as a person. I learned who I should trust, who my true friends were, how boys can deceive you and lead you on, what I wanted to do with my life, that I deserve better, and can do anything if I put my heart and soul into it.

Rosalyn Gambhir
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Summer Daze

 Summer Daze

Miss Selfridge white blouse
25 GBP - missselfridge.com

Reed Krakoff leather ballet flat
$395 - net-a-porter.com

Pearl earrings
3 GBP - debenhams.com

Rosalyn Gambhir
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It`s Friday...


It`s finally Friday which means it`s officially the start of the weekend. Every time I say that I cannot help but think of Rebecca Black`s song and I seriously need to get it out of my head. Then again, it`s a really catchy tune and is it bad that I already know all the lyrics and sometimes sing along? Anyway, today I finished work early and spontaneously decided to head down to Princess Street (downtown I guess) for some afternoon shopping and to enjoy the lovely weather. Here are a few of my purchases as well as other things  that caught my eye. On another note, if you live or are visiting Kingston, you need to check out Blueprint Clothing. They have the cutest floral tops as well as great summer dresses. They also carry some of my much-loved brands such as Vero Moda and French Connection. Sorry Urban Outfitters but you`re no longer my favourite place to shop at anymore, even though you have a great floor design. Hence, only reason I will return.
Rosalyn Gambhir
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So this is my goodbye

They told me from the start
Be careful, don’t fall into his trap
He’s not as sweet as he seems
Wish I’d known before it was too late

I thought you were different
I thought you were prince charming
I fell under your spell
With those eyes, you seduced me
With your words, you charmed me
You called me beautiful
But I realized you were a lie
Without an answer to my cry

I gave you another chance
Naive I am, but I have learned
That you’re just the same
I kept wishing for the best
But I realized you were a lie

Distance shouldn’t matter
But you fooled me from the beginning
Well I’ve finally moved on
Realized I deserve so much better
So this is my goodbye
If I’m not worth fighting for
Then you’re definitely not worth waiting around for

Now afraid to see the light
Darkness lives inside
Sometimes I want to run away,
Someplace where no one knows my name
But I am better than that,
I have grown and am now stronger than before,
So this is my goodbye.
You won’t hurt me anymore.

Rosalyn Gambhir
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Day Around Town Outfit

Day Around Town

T by Alexander Wang legging
63 GBP - theoutnet.com

Forever21 round toe shoes
$18 - forever21.com

Longchamp handbag
$125 - nordstrom.com

Mayser striped hat
120 EUR - stylebop.com

Rosalyn Gambhir
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Unique Headbands

Images from Ezia Couture

I have always loved headbands because they are the perfect summer accessory as they keep hair out of your face and can pretty much be paired with any outfit. When I stumbled upon Ezia Couture while on campus this year, I simply fell in love with their designs. This company was created by two talented sisters who are ‘dedicated to providing products for the chic, metropolitan girl.’ I wish these girls the best of luck with their future and look forward to actually getting my hands on one of their fabulous headbands.

Above are a few of my favorite headbands from the 2011 Spring & Summer Collection. Enjoy!

Visit Ezia Couture’s Facebook Page and website for more details.
Rosalyn Gambhir
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Pretty Things...

This weekend, my mum came to visit me and I was quite delighted. Reason: We had some lovely weather while we shopped, enjoyed lunch by the water, strolled along the harbour etc. Here are a few shots of my fav purchases and things I thought were awesome!

Rosalyn Gambhir
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Baby Boomers Embracing Technology

‘Baby Boomers’, ‘Boomies’ or ‘The Bulge’, this generation is accepting the fact that our society is now primarily technology based. Many of them are trying out social networking sites and tech gadgets like the iPhone for the first time and find them a bit daunting. However, they are learning and are getting the hang of things. My father for example, is a person who could not be bothered with computers or tech gadgets; instead he enjoys the simple pleasures of life. Baby Boomers want technology that reflect their values and help them express those values with greater purpose, meaning an impact. In addition, my father sees technology not as a necessity in life but as a gift. While he may not be impressed by every new gadget that comes along, he appreciates the advancement and innovation of modern technology. On the other hand, technology has enhanced my mum’s lifestyle and values. She is quite comfortable making use of each new technological advance. She carries around a Smartphone, stays in touch with friends plus family via social networking sites and gets the latest news via social media sites. My mum is an example of a growing number of Baby Boomers embracing technology. Now days, many of these individuals are willing and open to trying all these new tech ‘toys’ when they fully understand how they will improve their lives. 

As Baby Boomers are slowly retiring, technology can aid them in several ways from looking for new careers perhaps, romance or friendship, or to stay connected with people they love. Boomers can use the available technology to help them get things done, relax and enjoy their lives to the fullest. As a result, this generation is having a tremendous influence on emerging technologies. For instance, I find the iPad a great tool not only for Baby Boomers but for the older crowd as well. It is a simple, intuitive interface and has large icons. This product is suitable and customizable for any age group. 

Hence, technology will always be changing and we must know how to adapt to them for growth as tools now days are available for us to make our lives easier. Knowledge is power and today that knowledge comes from knowing how to use all these fancy tech toys’ in order to be successful weather you are a Baby Boomer or not. Ultimately, Boomers have influenced which companies succeed through the use and development of new technology.

Image from xcellimark
Rosalyn Gambhir
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