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Life Update & Tips on Blogging

Life Update & Tips on Blogging

Hello, my beautiful friends! I have truly missed you all.

So I've been somewhat MIA recently, okay well a few months and while I could say that I was recharging my batteries or laying on a sandy beach with no cell service, I honestly wasn't but I wish I was. I wouldn't say I was necessarily feeling "uninspired" either,  I was just feeling inspired in other areas of my life, other than blogging aka my day job as a social media coordinator for historic sites along the St Lawrence corridor. Sometimes when you have a lot going on, it's hard to focus on life and blogging.

Don't get me wrong, I love what I do though working in the tourism industry is hella busy come summer time. I work evenings, weekends you name it but it's pretty sweet. Though it hasn't given me much time for my side hustle of blogging, which in reality it is the number one item that motivates me in all aspects. In fact, it's always been the thing that relaxes me most and brings me joy after a long day. And truthfully, blogging gave me the skills to land my current gig.

Rosalyn Gambhir - Life Update & Tips on Blogging
Snapped by the lovely Claire Bouvier at Doner Studio
There were times in the past few years, where I've personally been all-in with a full-time, a part-time job along with the side hustle and a few projects on the go. Crazy right? With that comes the skill of time management and self-care. Blogging and freelancing can take a lot out of you. Working with brands, creating posts, posting on social media, always being on top of your Instagram story game, etc.

Sometimes you just need some time to recharge and that's totally okay. I find that if I'm burnt out, my posts don't come out as good and I don't actually end up ever posting them. I'm the type of person that won't post something if I'm not absolutely in love with it and there are several posts that have sat in draft mode for months.

While this lifestyle still hasn't changed all too much, this year has been more intense than any other. A lot of my brain power has been going into my day job which isn't a bad thing. In the blogging world, you’re told to be consistent but if you need a break, no one should be telling you otherwise. You now yourself best. If you're feeling like you might need a blogging break, then just go for it.

Rosalyn Gambhir - Life Update & Tips on Blogging
Mackinnon Brewery's Sunday Market
While my hiatus was somewhat unintentional, as one week passed by another flew by and then it was a few months. I could say I'm sorry but my mind needed the time off. During this time, I attended a university friend's wedding in the beautiful Muskoka, my fiancee Ryan and I hosted our first bbq at our new home over May long weekend, I went to Boldt Castle with my mom for Mother's Day, checked out Mackinnon Brewery's Sunday market with the girls, explored new foodie spots such as Spearhead Brewery along with Otter Creek Farms Food Truck in Kingston, celebrated Ryan's 35th birthday with friends and the list goes on.

Essentially I wanted to acknowledge this slight break from blogging but thoroughly enjoyed being present and snapping candid shots here and there for Instagram rather than thinking too much about the perfect gram.

With that said, I am BACK and what better way to celebrate than to share some blogging tips:

Do It Because You Love It

This is a big one - do it because you love it and you will do it forever (hopefully).

In a world where social media dominates, it isn't shocking that many are living towards the numbers,  from likes to followers but that isn't the gateway to happiness. It may for a short period of time, but in the long run, you need to figure out who you are and what motivated you at the beginning to drive your passion especially if you are interested in blogging. You need to love the process and that will allow you to continue this journey, rather than starting and then coming to a complete halt (which sadly I've seen too many times).

So my number one tip is to start with the right intentions.

Time and time again, I have seen people start a blog because it's the ‘it’ thing to do. Don’t look at the numbers or money, because I’ll be honest - you won’t be able to maintain your blog with that mindset, especially since these are longterm goals. In the words of Gary V, you've already lost.

Making It Work

Success doesn't happen overnight - it takes persistence and tenacity to get your foot in the door. But patience is the holy grail of hustling to get your way in the blogsphere. You can't be afraid to go the extra mile and while there's lots of ugly, you also need to also find a middle ground that will allow for work-life balance. Trust me - juggling a day job, freelance writing, blogging, and the list goes on, I have found my happy medium that keeps me sane yet I love it all. You need to work hard to play hard - no blogger woke up one day and instantly got invited to glamourous events. They worked their butts off to get to where they are today!

Sharing The Love

This is probably the biggest takeaway of all. Boys and girls, that means getting off your high horse and stepping away from negativity - no competition, no agenda and pardon my language, no freakin' bullshit. Comparison is noise - rather find your tribe aka build a support system of like-minded gals who have your back.

Rosalyn Gambhir - Life Update & Tips on Blogging
Peonies bush at our new home

See you on the next post friends!
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Rosalyn Gambhir
5 Easy Camping Food Hacks

5 Easy Camping Food Hacks

With summer almost here, I'm excited to explore the great outdoors in my own "backyard" of Kingston, Ontario, and camping is at the top of my list followed by the sweet delicious smell of campfire food.

Best part thanks to the City of Kingston, they are offering an amazing interactive event - Lumberjack Workshop Weekend. Whether you're an expert camper or a novice, they teach you the skills to survive amidst Mother Nature because everyone can use a refresher and a little camping hacks, tips, and tricks. 

So today, I'm sharing my 5 favourite and easy camping food hacks that will save you time and effort in the outdoors while improving your campfire cooking skills, because the convenience of kitchen appliances and electricity are out the window. Next time you plan a camping journey, give some of these food hacks a try to help you whip up tasty meals in a flash.


Need a cup of caffeine to wake up in the AM? Don't worry, you're not the only one but not keen on lugging a coffeemaker to your campsite. I'm with you! Here's a simple solution - pour a tablespoon of ground coffee in filters and tie them with dental floss. Voila, then toss it into a single cup of boiling water!

5 Easy Camping Food Hacks


So if you don't already know, I'm a huge mac n cheese lover and in my books, it's THE ultimate comfort food so obviously, I'd bring this dish camping. Best part, a little cooking in advance goes a long way to enjoy the perks of camping. So whip up your favourite mac n cheese recipe, divide into small foil circular tins and then cover tightly with foil. Place in cooler and you're ready to go - simply get a fire going, let it burn down to hot coals, place atop campfire for 8-10 minutes and you should have an ooey gooey campfire mac n cheese to indulge in.

Tip: Spray the tin foil with cooking spray to avoid the cheese from sticking.

5 Easy Camping Food Hacks

5 Easy Camping Food Hacks


When it comes to camping and cooking, don't skimp out on flavour because you don't want bland tasting food and obviously you can't pack up your entire spice cupboard. Solution? Simply put your spices in a one-a-day pill organizer and label! Now you're ready to whip up some tasty campfire meals.


Cheesy quesadillas are the perfect treat when out in the great outdoors. Can you tell I have a slight cheese obsession? To make this dish, simply put the quesadillas together, fold it almost like a burrito, and wrap it in foil and place them on the grate right over your campfire until the cheese is melty and the tortilla slightly crisp. And just like that dinner is served! Also, no plates required - let it cool off and enjoy straight out of the foil packet.


If you haven't realized by now, tin foil is your best friend when camping especially when cooking and makes clean up a breeze. This is where those spices will also come in handy. Double win! To effortlessly make this dish, combine sliced potatoes with onions and peppers then sprinkle cheese and preferred spices. Seal foil around the potatoes to form a packet and put over hot coals for 30 minutes. Another meal idea completed!


Thanks to the City of Kingston for sponsoring this post.
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Rosalyn Gambhir
How to Spoil Mom This Weekend in Kingston

How to Spoil Mom This Weekend in Kingston

Skip the flowers and cards, this year it's time to step up your game and spoil your mum with a much-deserved outing in Kingston, I know my mum appreciates the extra little originality and I know she's not the only one. They’re our moms, so of course, they have to love whatever we buy them. But best of all, they brighten our day and worry about us - it's just in their nature.

How to Spoil Mom This Weekend in Kingston

So ditch the perfume and just in case you need a little help getting the creative juices flowing, I've put together my 5 favourite spots that I think my mum and yours would love in Kingston:

And yes, they all involve foods (sorry, not sorry)


A true favourite the west end of Kingston - the sweet ambiance, the delicious food, and the friendly staff, Toast & Jam's got it all. Even better, pick up a few tasty delights for you and mum from Bread & Butter next door for the car ride. A quick tip is to arrive early before 10am to avoid the brunch crowd.

Where: 1530 Bath Rd, Kingston, ON


A stroll through Memorial Farmers' Market is a treat in itself but satisfy your mum's sweet tooth with donuts from Eat Lover while discovering what Kingston's local food scene has to offer.

Where: 303 York St, Kingston, ON


A cone, a cup, one scoop, two scoops? Why not get a cup with two flavours and share with mum while you explore downtown Kingston. Better yet, have a seat in Confederation park while admiring the beautiful waterfront.

Where: 178 Ontario St, Kingston, ON


This experience at Hochelaga Inn courtesy of Top Tier Bakery is for mum's who appreciates life's little indulgences. Sip on French tea while indulging in delights all made from scratch.

Where: 24 Sydenham St, Kingston, ON

For tickets, click here.


sightseeing cruise with buffet lunch is for mum's who want it all - good company, live entertainment, and all the nibbles to be had aboard the Island Queen by 1000 Islands Cruises. This 3-hour cruise is the perfect way to explore the stunning scenery that has made the region famous throughout the world.

Where: 248 Ontario St, Kingston, ON

For tickets, click here.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend celebrating with your mum, grandma, aunt, best friend or go-to gal!
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Rosalyn Gambhir
How to Camp Like a Pro This Summer: The Lumberjack Workshop Weekend

How to Camp Like a Pro This Summer: The Lumberjack Workshop Weekend

Warm fires and bright stars - camping season is right around the corner but do you have the chops to survive in the wilderness? Discover if you have what it takes to do a quintessentially Canadian experience. Escape the amenities of suburbia and become one with nature at the MacLachlan Woodworking Museum in Kingston as they host their annual Lumberjack Workshop Weekend this June.

While the idea of camping in the great outdoors may seem intimidating, trust me it's amazingly fun and therapeutic. 

But hey, if you've never pitched your own tent, made coffee on a Coleman stove or roasted marshmallows over a campfire, get out your flannel and join this sweet outdoor camping experience for adults and hone your skills in the great outdoors!

Lakeside, or in the forest, once you've mastered the fundamental skills, the choice will be yours.

Experts at this weekend workshop will teach you the ins and outs of all things outdoors. From survival skills, fire starting, campfire cooking, to hatchet throwing! Through challenges where you showcase what you've learnt, you'll be an expert by the time you hop back in your car. So hope you like a little friendly competition during this weekend of lumbertivities as you become a pro at surviving amongst the wild things. 

How to Camp Like a Pro This Summer: The Lumberjack Workshop Weekend


Have I reeled you in? Maybe, well keep on reading!

Sipping on your morning brew as the sun rises, listening to the crackling sound of a campfire, the chirping of the birds, or the giggles of your friends - camping is a summer ritual in Canadian culture but one that truly allows you to get into a zen zone and uplifts your spirit. It rejuvenates you and some could say it is better than therapy!

Anyone who has sat around a campfire will agree that it is the most relaxing experience one could ever have. So whether you've been camping before but are a little rusty on your skills or a novice, no biggy - the Lumberjack Workshop Weekend is a great excuse to gather your friends and family to get reacquainted with those skills.


June 2nd, 2018 9:00 am – 3:30 pm


MacLachlan Woodworking Museum
2993 Highway 2, Kingston, ON


All meals, camping, and workshop activities included with registration.


Head on to the event page here.

Thanks to the City of Kingston for sponsoring this post.
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Rosalyn Gambhir
How I Indulge in a Sunday Self-Care Routine

How I Indulge in a Sunday Self-Care Routine

Happy Self-Care Sunday! 🙏🏽

Spring has finally made an appearance and I couldn't be happier. Plus my skin is loving it. When the weekend rolls around especially Sundays, I jump for joy as that means I get to pamper myself and replenish my soul so I am energized for the next week. This is definitely the most gratifying thing and the best part of the week that I look forward to. Well, I'll admit that the first half of my Sunday is usually spent still in my PJs and being lazy. Everyone loves a lazy Sunday - am I right?!

While it's been a few months now, I've gotten into the habit of practicing self-care Sunday rituals and it has helped my well being immensely. It's pretty much a spa day - I wake up late with bae, make a delicious breakfast, lounge, walk and cuddle our furbabes, meal prep for the week (yes I find this therapeutic), lounge some more, do some blogging, finally shower, exfoliate with a face mask, do a pore strip, moisturize and then snuggle up into bed while diffusing my favourite essential oils!

But the best part recently thanks to Shiva's Delight, has been that my skin has never felt so smooth and glowy. My facial routine hasn't really changed in years until I had the pleasure of using these new products. Partially my fault or perhaps I'm in denial that I'm almost thirty but hey, I have been using an anti-age eye cream since college and no wrinkles in sight (knock on wood)! Pampering myself on Sundays is truly about clearing my mind, getting a good night sleep before the grind of a new work week but most importantly treating my skin to much-needed attention.

How I Indulge in a Sunday Self-Care Routine - Shiva's Delight


Buh-bye dry, dull winter skin! This has been my new favourite way to prep my skin this spring. This activated charcoal clay mask has been amazing at deep pore cleansing after a long week with makeup on!  I’m no beauty expert or make-up guru but when it comes to my skincare and night routine, I love to get rid of all that build up on my face. After applying this mask thus far, my skin looks and feels so much better.

This mask comes in powder form and a little goes a really long way aka money saver. Take a teaspoon in your hand and mix with water and apply to your face until it dries. Then wash off with lukewarm water. Easy peasy! 

How I Indulge in a Sunday Self-Care Routine - Shivas Delight


Let me introduce you to Shiva's Delight's Autumn Rose Facial Serum - it has completely surprised me and has honestly replaced my night time moisturizer which was a drugstore brand. As soon as I applied the serum to my face, it immediately left it feeling instantly soft, moisturized and plumped without any greasy or oily residue. It felt so luxurious and still does after a month of use.

How I Indulge in a Sunday Self-Care Routine - Shivas Delight

Hope you have the chance to relax and de-stress before your work week as well!
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Rosalyn Gambhir
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