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The Inn Thing: Fabulous Getaway to the June Motel in Prince Edward County

It's pretty, colourful and irresistible to Instagrammers! The newly renovated The June Motel in Prince Edward County or The County as known to many, is a dream getaway and everything you could imagine and more. It's Insta-worthy as heck! No longer a hidden gem thanks to the fabulous realm of Instagram, best-friends April Brown and Sarah Sklash made a name for themselves prior to their doors even opening - let's be real they went viral and The June was an immediate social media magnet. Gotta love the online world and boss babes with passionate ideas.

From gorgeous floral wallpaper to cute tag lines everywhere, this cheery Miami vibe locale is designed with picture perfect details. Seriously, The June knocks down every motel misconception with its revamped modern day decor.

So what brought me to this little slice of heaven? Well like many, it was at the top of my travel list this summer and only an hour away from home, a room was booked with my gal pal Melissa. Gotta love semi-planned spontaneous trips. We said our goodbyes to Kingston for a day journey around the County for some much needed escape from the work grind and get inspired with good vibes.

In close proximity to local wineries, bourgeoning brewery scene, great eateries and stunning sceneries - the County has become the cool kid in Eastern Ontario and The June definitely plays on the local incredibleness of the community. Guests are not only greeted with a smile at the Wine Lobby, but also a glass of local wine and as an add-on are offered charcuterie boards of cheeses with other local goodness. They take pleasure in being part of the discovery as you make your way through the County.

A road trip to this boutique motel is a must and don't forget your smart phone!

Getaway to the June Motel in Prince Edward County

The Classic Room

Filled with an eclectic mix of vintage pieces and feminine touches, this room was nothing but basic. Blue velvet curtains, a bohemian peacock chair and palm print wallpaper completed the room decor.

Getaway to the June Motel in Prince Edward County

Getaway to the June Motel in Prince Edward County

Getaway to the June Motel in Prince Edward County

Getaway to the June Motel in Prince Edward County

Getaway to the June Motel in Prince Edward County

While we had every intention on popping by a winery during our journey, we simply went with the flow and kicked off the adventure with delicious authentic Mexican tacos at Parsons Brewing Company (also a new hot spot in the County). Dang this spot was ah-mazing. The foodie tour didn't stop here, the Drake Devonshire made the list as well as Sand and Pearl Raw Bar for oysters.

You can never have too much food right?

Getaway to the June Motel in Prince Edward County

Breakfast Is Served

After a night of watching the season premier of The Outlander and then passing right out from food coma, a light breakfast was perfect to get our day going. Served was orange juice, fresh scones and vegan breakfast cookie.

Getaway to the June Motel in Prince Edward County

Ready to book your getaway?

Head over to www.thejunemotel.com

Where: 12351 Loyalist Pkwy, Picton, ON K0K 2T0
Rosalyn Gambhir
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Community Love at the Grand Reopening of Victoria Park

Grand Reopening of Victoria Park

Smiles, laughter and pure joy were sentiments that could be felt and seen at the grand re-opening of Victoria Park this summer. Young and old, the community of Kingston gathered around the park as excitement grew to celebrate the completion of the redevelopment of the 125-year old Victoria Park.

Celebrating Canada 150

In collaboration with the TD Common Ground project, an initiative in recognition of Canada's 150th birthday, Kingston was chosen for its vibrant and rich history. As the home of Canada’s first Prime Minister, it just made perfect sense to honour our nation's first capital and invest in diverse yet growing community green spaces.

Located in the close proximity of downtown Kingston and quite the popular hangout spot, Victoria Park was one of many spaces across Canada fit for enhancements to achieve the goal of enriching and bring people together.

The Reopening 

As the town crier Chris Whyman rang his bell on Sunday morning and speeches were made - line ups for gelato and local food trucks grew as neighbourhood kids became anxious for the announcements to comment. The need for a little fun in the new splash pad was certainly growing. Previous council members stood amongst the crowd of over a hundred along with parents and students, the prospect of some much needed TLC finally coming to fruition was the joy the local community needed to kick off the last few weeks of summer within the city of Kingston.

Once the official ribbon-cutting ceremony and unveiling of the plaque was completed as well as acknowledgment of the traditional territory of the Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee Peoples, Kingston Mayor Bryan Paterson gladly set his blazer aside and became the first person to test out the splash pad! Many cheered and finally joined in, keeping a close eye at the flow of water leading towards the demonstration garden filled with a variety of plant species.

Grand Reopening of Victoria Park

The Facelift

With the grand reopening of Victoria Park, it is now home to a newly designed splash pad, new tennis and basketball courts, nature inspired walk way, water conservation garden, diversification of trees, and expansion of community gathering areas.

After spending several years residing a few blocks away from Victoria Park, the added green space has made it much more inviting for gatherings whether a BBQ with friends or mid-day chill session under the trees.

Grand Reopening of Victoria Park

Grand Reopening of Victoria Park

To learn more about the Victoria Park project, be sure to visit: TD Common Ground Project

Twitter: @TD_Canada 
Instagram: TD_Canada


Thanks to TD and the TD Common Ground Project for sponsoring this post.
Rosalyn Gambhir
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A New Way to Cafe this Fall

Summer came and went in a flash - we loved our iced coffees but fall and winter belong to the latte. Am I right? I know we have three more weeks of official summer, but Labour Day weekend always feels like the true season finale. With this cold weather that we’ve been having, it feels much less like summer and more like fall. So what perfect way to embrace the season than with a delicious frothy McCafé French Vanilla Latte and of course a strawberry cream cheese danish. Match made in foodie heaven!

French Vanilla Latte - McCafé - McDonaldsThis fall, treat yourself to an extra special something in the morning that doesn’t put a dent in your wallet. The new McCafé French Vanilla Latte is the perfect blend of vanilla flavour and sweetness to get you excited for the day! I'm not a morning person by any means so this warm delight certainly gets me going before a long day – made with 100% Arabica beans, fresh steamed milk, all-natural and no artificial flavors, what more could you ask for.

French Vanilla Latte - McCafé - McDonalds

Whether it is a hump day treat or a weekend delight, satisfy your fall craving with a sweet burst of energy from McCafé. Grab your fleece blanket, your guilty pleasure reading material or in my case Kingston’s new city guide and cozy up on your couch.

French Vanilla Latte - McCafé - McDonalds

French Vanilla Latte - McCafé - McDonalds

Disclosure: Bon appétit to McDonalds Canada for sponsoring this post!
Rosalyn Gambhir
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Easy Ways to Achieve Morning Mindfulness

Let's be real, mornings are not my favourite and when it rolls around, I hit snooze at least a few times. But of course, like everyone else in the world we have to work hard to play hard - to accomplish dreams, have relationships, and be surrounded by friends and loving people.

To do so, you need to attain happiness - I'm here to share my insights and tips to being happy as happiness lies in your daily habits. The way you decide to start your morning often sets the stage for how the rest of the day unfolds. Life isn't perfect and we all have our off days - anything can happen in the present moment but how we start our day can often affect how we approached challenges throughout the day. So let's win the morning so you can win the day folks!

With a focused mind and energized body to start your day, you have the ability to thrive and kick butt with the inevitable ups and downs that you get handed. If you want to be more successful, or let's be real, just get out of bed feeling happier and less groggy (hands up!), below are few tips that may just help you start your day more positively and nurture your morning:

Wake up Early
This isn't for everyone as I'm guilty of snoozing my alarm clock but with that being said, everyone has their own morning schedule that gets them going for the day.  Some choose to wake up at 6 AM and enjoy their cup of joe, while others rush out the door because they decided to binge watch a show on Netflix at 2AM the night before. I'm not saying staying up late is a bad idea (hey, I love Netflix and chilling), but there's an alternative way to help make your morning more beneficial for you. That might just be giving yourself more time in the morning and establishing a good morning ritual by going to sleep earlier and waking up earlier.

Smile in the Mirror
While you are doing your hair or simply getting dressed, a quick smile in the mirror will boost your moral. We are all human and have our faults, so we need to accept ourselves and our imperfections. Or better yet put on some tunes and do a little dance if that's what gets you grooving to a positive morning.

Create a Tea or Coffee Ritual
Take the time to sit down and enjoy your morning drink of choice. Watching a minute or two of the sun coming up is an instant uplift to your energy and sets the tone for a positive start to the day.

Eat Breakfast Mindfully
Breakfast gives you energy throughout the day but most importantly, it fires up your metabolism to get your brain and muscles going in the morning. Whether it is a granola bar, cereal or a croissant - take a moment to fill your belly and nourish your senses.

Connect with Nature
Reward yourself with fresh air and get outside. Live in the moment and connect with your senses. Three deep breathes usually does the trick for me to regain focus and get motivate for the day.

Recite Positive Affirmations
Morning positive affirmations are the core to a beautiful day - take a deep breath in the morning and begin your day with fresh and motivated mind. You deserve to a great day and exude confidence as well as happiness. Example include: "I choose to be happy right now. I love my life," "I am thankful for all that I have" and "I choose to work with a focused mind."

Let me know in the comments what you do to start your day!
Rosalyn Gambhir
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