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For All My McDonald Burger-Loving Foodies

50th Anniversary of McDonald Canada

As each new day passes by, you realize there really is only one moment in time, and that time is the now. Enjoy the small things that make you smile as they come - whether it is a cheat meal or escaping the task of making dinner, adding a few extra calories to my routine doesn't hurt. It's about maintaining a balanced lifestyle folks - so as a food lover, saying no to certain dishes is not my forte especially if there is a sentiment or memory attached.

When I got word about the news, I simply could not contain my enthusiasm. So drumroll please….get ready my hamburger-loving foodies as it is the most glorious time of the year to indulge! 🍔🍟

50th Anniversary of McDonald Canada

This year marks the 50th anniversary of McDonald's in Canada! And to celebrate, I'm reminiscing about all the classic meals I had as a kid!

50th Anniversary of McDonald Canada

For those of you who feature a burger into your diet on the reg, this celebration is for you!

As a kid, I remember the days when my mum would take me to McDonald’s for our weekly treat (aka a Happy Meal) and of course the best part were the burgers and the cherry on top - the collectable toys! This anniversary truly brought back happy memories of my childhood and youthful mum who has overcome a tremendous amount. McDonald's was our spot to laugh and be playful.

Thanks to my foodie partner-in-crime, we found some amazing vintage Happy Meal toys from the early 90s in his collection so what perfect way to celebrate a major milestone of 50 years. Bravo!

50th Anniversary of McDonald Canada

Disclosure: Bon appétit to McDonalds Canada for sponsoring this post!
Rosalyn Gambhir
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10 Ways to Inspire Personal Growth

So let’s take a moment to talk about YOU and your GOALS! Whether it’s about becoming happier, financially savvy, owning a home, starting a business or simply making it through the day - it's sometimes tough to achieve but hey, narrowing them down and going after them takes a bit of effort. We need to get real with ourselves, figure out what we want the most, and go after it. We can't be daydreamers for the rest of eternity and it's never too late - we're capable of achieving more than we can imagine, but we need to create a path for ourselves!

It took me four years of a computer engineering degree to realize that my true passion was in writing and marketing. But looking at the positive, I accomplished a degree that gave me valuable skills such as being a data geek that complements my current day job of being a social media coordinator quite well. Don't be afraid to switch jobs or your path in school because at the end of the day, you only live once, thus you should be doing what brings joy to you the most. With patience, we all find our true calling and grow as individuals.

I'm sharing some ways that truly helped me come out of my shell and prosper to where I am:

10 Ways to Inspire Personal Growth

 Get to Know Yourself
This is probably the most important - knowing your strengths and weakness allow you to fill in the gaps but this goes beyond this - it's about knowing who you truly are as a person. This will help you be proud of who you are and communicate that across to others without hesitation. This will transpire to you writing better resumes, cover letters, meeting new people and acing interviews, because you took the time to do YOU!

Surround Yourself with "Beautiful" People
I'm talking about inner beauty folks, seriously. Step away from cliques, drama and gossip. Find your tribe of like-minded individuals who will help you grow. Every person is unique and has a story to tell or valuable lesson to teach, you choose your path and your friends.

Refine Your Tribe
Rid yourself of people who bring you down. I'm all for this as you cannot be friends with everyone and you slowly realize who is meant to be in your circle.

Meet New People
 Whether it is attending a networking session, joining a sport team or messaging someone you follow on Instagram, don't be afraid to connect with others and step outside your comfort zone.

Stop Comparing Yourself
Avoid comparing yourself to what you see on social media as that is a small fraction of the truth. You are your own person and be proud of it.

Get Outside
This is your chance to recharge your batteries and inspire yourself by getting in touch with nature. Take time out to get some fresh air, walk through a park or visit a waterfront to hear crashing waves.

10 Ways to Inspire Personal Growth

We all have baggage one way or another that we are emotionally attached to. When you finally purge and rid yourself of all the clutter you've hoarded over a lifetime, trust me, it's quite freeing!

Turn Off Netflix
Thanks to friends recommendation, putting a hold on your Netflix binge is quite useful to get off the couch and reconnect with colleagues, family or friends.

Seek a Hobby
The world is your oyster in this aspect. Being passionate about something different is awesome and makes you attractive. You will create your own energy that will draw people in and it doesn't even matter what it's about as long as you are passionate about what you do! Everything else will simply fall into place!

Jot It Down
Whether it's a blog or going old should with pen and journal, writing is a therapeutic outlet for your thoughts and keeping track of your goals! Great way to stay accountable.

What are your goals for the year?
Rosalyn Gambhir
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Kingston is a Haven for Locavores

Definition: one who eats foods grown locally whenever possible

Kingston is why I am a locavore - a statement that rings true to my time living in the city. I didn't know it at first but with the proximity to local farms, farmers' markets and best of all restaurants, the city of Kingston is a haven for foodies craving true local cuisine. Whether it's visiting Chien Noir Bistro for French-inspired dishes, Olivea for savoury Italian delight or Tango Neuvo for Spanish flare, you're in for a treat.  If you’ve never grown your own food or experienced the joy of eating a freshly picked veggie from the farmers' market, you’re missing out! Not only is it a journey for all of your senses, but locally produced foods are also tremendously beneficial for your community, your health, and the environment.

From our own urban veggie garden, an annual subscription to community-supported agricultural group (CSA) at Salt of the Earth Farm, attending food shows such as the Great Canadian Cheese Festival and routine visits to the local farmers' market, my foodie partner-in-crime and I are what you consider Locavores.

If you want to get to the nitty-gritty, a locavore so to speak is someone who prefers to eat locally grown and, when possible, rely on meat, eggs, and other food products from local sources. To go further, we are passionate locavores that tend to eat by what's in season but also finding the balance between good food and local ingredients. We are supporting local growers and sustainable farming practices; we eat foods that are better for us, the environment, and more importantly our taste buds!

But the main question on people's minds is why? That's simple! Local products are fresher, better-tasting, longer-lasting, and more nutritious. In a nutshell, consuming locally-sourced food has health and wellness benefits and this is why we choose a locavore lifestyle.

From fruits and vegetables to cheese curds, granola, beef, eggs, and more - the city of Kingston is in the perfect epicentre of local goodness between the Ottawa region and the picturesque Prince Edward County.  The perfect location to dig into local food year-round! 

Some of my favourites finds at the Kingston Memorial Farmers' Market on Sundays:

Glorious Blueberries from Briarlea Farms

Locavore - Farmers Market, Foodie, Local Culinary

Cheesy goodness from Crusty Bakers

Locavore - Farmers Market, Foodie, Local Culinary

Strawberries from Mensen Farm

Locavore - Farmers Market, Foodie, Local Culinary

Milk from Limestone Organic Creamery

Locavore - Farmers Market, Foodie, Local Culinary

Vegan donut from Eat Lover

Locavore - Farmers Market, Foodie, Local Culinary

What tickles your fancy when eating local?
Rosalyn Gambhir
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