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Happy Easter

Cadbury creme eggs are synonymous to Easter and to some, these delectable treats were part of their childhood. To others like me, Cadbury creme eggs were non existent. I just never had the willingness to try them. I'm not going to lie but I actually had my first experience tasting these delights last month and it's something I would not have on a regular basis, which is understandable why they are only around to release their goo during the season between January and April.

So for those you who are wondering what this mysterious thing is, it is a milk chocolate egg containing white and yellow fondant filling! They are rather sweet and can be used in a variety of baking recipes. However, I can't imagine them being in cupcakes but it seems possible and the perfect Easter treat after an egg hunt!

Images by Pizzazzerie

Head over to Courtney's page for the full recipe on how to make these
scrumptious desserts!


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Rosalyn Gambhir
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As spring slowly approaches, new exciting trends are appearing - loafers. 
While they may have a boyish look to them, this season is different with 
so many patterns and textures. Loafers are comfortable yet elegant. They look
 absolutely amazing when worn professionally to work or just out for a stroll. 
Paired with jeans or leggings and a fitted blazer, is how I would style it, but 
 you can't forgot those accessories to bring it all together. Scarves are my
weapon of choice.

My first pair of loafers were beige with a golden tint with tassels and have 
now been out worn. I wore them everywhere the last summer even to the
 rowing docks. So I am in dire need of a new fun pair! When I last went to 
The Gap, I spotted the cutest leopard pair that would work best for a
professional sophisticated style while plain ones would suit a basic look.

Loafers have officially seduced me!



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Rosalyn Gambhir
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Being in Canada has its advantages, one of them being maple syrup and having lived in Quebec, the largest producer by far, I have had my fair share. Traditionally, it is often eaten with french toast, waffles or other breakfast items, but it is also a popular baking ingredient. The simplicity of maple and its sweetness makes it ideal for several  dishes bringing out its distinct unique flavour.

You must be wondering by now, why am I blabbing on about maple syrup?

Well, yesterday I had the opportunity to partake in Maple in the County within the Prince Edward County area in Ontario. A celebration of the first harvest of the year but primarily a festival that highlights local businesses and maple syrup producers.

My journey first took me to Waupoos Estates Winery for their brunch and wine tasting, followed by The County Cider Company and Black River Cheese Factory. A day filled with wine, cheese and maple syrup, what more could a girl ask for. The accent of the day was having the chance to sample maple ice wine. It was quite delightful in taste for a dessert wine as it was not overpowering but still lingered with a smooth and sweet finish.

The day was filled with relaxation, adventures and several detours! Maple syrup is an iconic product and is one that is versatile. Perhaps my next baking session will consist of maple frosting cupcakes!

Some of my favorites

Maple bacon cheddar waffles
Maple glazed salmon
Maple ice cream

{Pass the Sushi}

{Healthy Food for Living}


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Rosalyn Gambhir
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Let me just say, I feel as I am one of many who cannot pull off a topknot,
or I might be a bit critical on myself and judge the smallest things that
make it odd looking on my head. With rising temperatures soon approaching,
 topknots are a summer hair essential. The style is practical yet chic and
can still be worn either casually or professionally by having a sleeker look.

When I think of topknots, I immediately picture high cheekbones and
 profound jawline. While I have none of those, a topknot is a fun bun that
can be put up quickly and styled with a scarf when in a hurry. Once
spring rolls around, this will hopefully be my go to look. I may have to stock
up on some bronzer to fake those cheek bones as well as hairspray to keep
it in place, but it's well worth it to have hair out of my face while I work!

{Mood Board}


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Rosalyn Gambhir
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If you are a prep, then the collar necklace trend is old news.
It instantly freshens up any outfits and gives a more youthful
appearance. I'm a fan of necklaces that fall inside the collar
when undone slightly. It shows off your personality as well
as a touch of sophisticated style. It's a twist on the classic look
of a strand of pearls but with chunky or draped necklaces now.

It pairs well with professional to casual everyday outfits as
it adds a classic touch. Among the most popular companies
for such necklaces are of the likes of Bauble BarKate Spade
and J.Crew. However there are less inexpensive options from
H&M and Joe Fresh. They are super cute and the selling point,

Do you rock this look?

{Seeking the South}


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Rosalyn Gambhir
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Marley Lilly

So if you haven't heard of Marley Lilly yet then you obviously live
under a rock (I'm kidding but seriously, you'll love them). Once the
whole monogram craze became popular and caught on amongst sororities
colleges/universities and events, there have been several companies who
took the opportunity to reach out and created connections with prepsters.
 Monograms are like another type of accessory that can be sported with
simplicity in my mind. They make an outfit standout without going

The item that is on my wish list from Marley Lilly is the monogrammed
 luxe clutch in navy. It's the perfect cross body bag but also has a 
removable strap which is perfect for a night out! I have been obsessing
over this bag but haven't gotten it yet because shipping to Canada
is a ridiculous amount, so I may have to pick out a few other items.
Perhaps a baseball cap as I may play in a league this summer and the
dry sport fitness tee which would be great to work out in.

Can't wait to get my first monogrammed products!

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Rosalyn Gambhir
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Happy St. Paddy's Day

So this is the reason I actually gave myself to justify purchasing mint
green pants... for St Paddy's Day! I have been eyeing the perfect pair
from The Gap for the longest time or ever since they came out with
their Spring 2013 Collection. The 1969 Skimmer and Slim Fit now
come in a range of new colours however I am not the proud owner
of the mint jeans from the Gap but from the brand Vero Moda that I
stumbled upon at Blueprint, a local store in Kingston.

But I am rather disappointed that I wasn't able to find a pair because
Gap jeans are the best I've bought in awhile. They eliminate the need to
  shorten for petite women such as myself and their skinny slim fit are just
right for my body type!

Oh well, I will just have to settle on another colour. On the brighter side,

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

{Styling in Style}


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Rosalyn Gambhir
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It's finally the end of the week and it's going to be a busy weekend!
With St. Paddy's and Iron Ring Ceremony on Sunday, most people
I know will be celebrating. I don't want to say it, but I will be taking
a break (hopefully!) and relaxing, simply enjoying myself.

If you haven't noticed, I am all about staying on schedule. I live on
stability, predictability and consistency, but am capable of handling
uncertainty and spontaneous meet ups with friends. So I'll be going
with the flow the next two days. In order to do this, it means getting
all my blogging priorities completed along with a full-time job. Some
may think I'm crazy for taking on so much but I manage to get all of
it done and still have some free time.

I am quite happy with all my 'hobbies' which primarily include writing.
I recently joined The Zesty Digest of Sweet Lemon Magazine as a Blogger
and have been a Style Advisor with Dormify for quite some time now.
Both of these are great opportunities and are a good way to meet some
amazing people, most of them being women! Writing has inspired me to
be a different person and have a new view on the world. I want to say
that I use it as a coping mechanism but I also used it as a creative outlook.

What makes you happy?

{Fancy Farm Girl}


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Rosalyn Gambhir
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Shiny Ponies

So J. Crew put out this new video yesterday afternoon and let me 
just say, I'm in love... with 'shiny ponies' (or well heels that have
 "a sense of sparkle.. that little extra.")

I will say that I am rather jealous that a person could actually own
289 pairs of shoes. Jenna Lyons is quite the woman and so are
those beautiful shoes. This just makes me want to go order myself
a pair of Etta's. The glitter-heel pumps in hummingbird floral and
the cap toe leather in champagne are my ultimate favorites!

So many choices...


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Rosalyn Gambhir
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Coral and Orchid

Recently, I have been 'experimenting' with brighter colours and what I
mean by this, is colours that are outside my comfort zone. I tend to
lean towards black, white and blues, but as spring time rolls around
changes are to be made! Spring and summer seasons are all about
bright, feminine and fun choices of colour. So when I headed to H&M 
for some retail therapy this past week, my favorite pieces purchased
were a coral sleeveless blouse and an orchid button up sweater. Both
of which are rather cute on especially if they are highlighted as the
 main piece.

This season, I am trying to incorporate more unique pieces into my
wardrobe and stop buying the same things. While this is hard to do,
I will still be on the search for more oxford shirts and scarves as the
skies are the limit with hues and patterns. Hopefully my next purchase
 will be a pair of mint jeans and tops that have that 'pop' factor.

Wish me luck on this new adventure!

{Breakfast at Yurmans}

What color(s) are you going for this spring?


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Rosalyn Gambhir
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Stress Free Weekend?

I am so excited for the weekend as that is when I can finally catch up
on sleep, lounge around and relax. Let's not forget feast in deliciousness!


Let's face it, I'm actually not going to sleep in tomorrow but wake up and
have my body demand for caffeine such that I can do 'work.' This entails
coming up with new ideas for future posts as well as posts for contributing
websites that I adore. Oh and exciting new, I am actually a new blogger for
the Zesty Digest which is part of Sweet Lemon Magazine, an amazing digital
 magazine that was created by Carly of College Prepster and Paris Rouzati along
with other fabulous women. So let the weekend begin once 5pm rolls around
and get work fellow writers!


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Rosalyn Gambhir
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Twenty Four

Let's face it, I honestly am not that into my birthdays and am usually
not excited about them. I could blame it on age or maturity, but it's
just like any other day of the week.

While I love to get dressed up and go out, I am the type of person who
gets excited when others do. I know that sounds weird. Funny thing is,
I get excited for other peoples birthdays. As it's a reason to come up with
themes for gifts and making cards. I love doing things for others as it gets
 my mind off of what I am suppose to be doing, but I've come to realize that
I sometimes forget about myself. I get too caught up about being 'busy'
with work and what not, that I don't do anything for myself. Okay, yes
I do occasionally go shopping but that is for necessities (I haven't been
in weeks!) or treat myself with desserts (bad idea, don't do it!). I am a
 huge saver and won't buy myself a lot but I am more than willing to
spend it on making others happy. But I should be putting myself in the
spotlight and celebrating my accomplishments whether they be birthday
 related or a new job. So hopefully this year will be different!

If I did do something special, glitter and sequins would definitely be the
focus point! Oh let's not forget the sparklers!

{Glitter Guide}


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Rosalyn Gambhir
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Peplum Top

So don't get me started on peplum tops because they are easy
to rock!  They are great if you have a little tummy because it
just sits above the waist at the narrowest part of your torso and
will perfectly hide any hint that it exists.

My favorite way to wear peplum tops is with high waisted pants
and a pearl statement necklace. But you can be as creative as you
want by playing with different color and pattern combinations. Pair
the top with jeans for a casual look, a fitted pencil skirt for work or a
cute mini-skirt for date night! Be sure you've got a good balance of
bare arms and bare legs. You don't want to be showing too much
skin now!

{Miss Guided}


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Rosalyn Gambhir
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Breton Stripes

So whoever said horizontal stripes makes you wider is ridiculous!
Okay I guess that is partially true but I definitely do not obey by it.
The classic navy and white colour palette is my favorite as it reminds
 me of summer. And honestly, I wish it was hot enough right now to
be wearing dresses because I've had enough of this miserable cold

I believe the breton stripe are a summer must for your closet. It is
classic, elegant, timeless and overall cute. This staple will always
be in style no matter the time or place.

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Rosalyn Gambhir
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