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Blog Archive

Prince Edward County + Drake Devonshire Inn

Day trip  
Winery tour  
Dinner for two  

These are all splendid adventures when visiting Prince Edward County come spring time but why not incorporate them all into one evening! What am I talking about you may ask? Countylicious of course! It is a twice annual prix fixe ($35 for 3 courses) culinary celebration that helps launch The County’s tourism season that attracts local food lovers to fill their bellies with delightful locally-inspired meals and wine.

Count me in!

This weekend, the month long food festival Countylicious brought my foodie partner in crime and I on an adventure to the Drake Devonshire Inn located on the picturesque Lake Ontario where we awaited Chef Matt DeMille's delightful classic creations using homegrown ingredients with a flavourful twist. Boy were we excited and impressed - imagine a place where food could be described as rustic chic meets laid-back vibe with a sophisticated flare. You'll be wanting more!

Snapshots of my Drake Devonshire foodie adventure:

{Crispy Fanny Bay Oyster | Cucumber salad, yogurt dressing and dill pickled pearl onions}

{Devonshire Catch of the Day | Sea bass, zucchini, green pepper & lima bean ragout + salsa verde}

{Banana Cream Pie | With black sesame + buckwheat}

{Art Installation | Minutes of Sun}

Such a stunning view, I wanted to stay the night!

{Lake Ontario}

Where: 24 Wharf St., Wellington | www.drakedevonshire.ca

For more information about Countylicious, visit www.countylicious.com
Rosalyn Gambhir
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Personal Brand | Google Yourself

Many of us are addicted to social media and all of its commodities, however some forget that it can actually be leveraged as a digital platform to extend your reach and to influence others. Your online presence and managing your digital footprint is quite crucial in this 21st century tech world we live in.

Google Yourself | Personal Brand

First question, have you ever Googled yourself?

Well you will be surprised that friends, associates and clients are in fact looking you up. This may come as a revelation, but Google is now used as a resume but more precisely it is your personal brand. Unless you are head over heels about each listing on the first page, it's time for you to dominate and conquer -  this means a fresh start to a blank slate and for you to share accurate, relevant and valuable information about yourself.

Claiming your name on main social networking sites such as Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn is the first step, as they rank higher in Google search results. As a college student this may be very useful as potential employers will most likely be viewing your online profiles. Depending on your major, having an online portfolio or a visual resume would be considered an asset as it'd showcase your personality, artistic abilities or even writing skills. The options are endless as to what you can do online - though this must be done in an efficient and effective manner.

If your full name is common, stand out by including your middle name.

Once your name is present online, it is important to grow your network and build a platform. Whether it be gaining more followers on Twitter or following groups on LinkedIn, show the online world who you are and what your message is. Sites such as about.me and visualize.me are great tools to express in depth who you are and what you’re interested in. As a student or a graduate, networking with the right people online could lead to great opportunities for the future.

Final Words
Be creative and be yourself!
Rosalyn Gambhir
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Ottawa Food & Wine Festival 2015

This past weekend, Ottawa was home to the second annual spring edition of the Wine & Food Festival featuring local microbreweries, the best wines for spring/summer, culinary and beverage demonstrations, and fabulous food trucks. My foodie partner in crime and I made our way up to indulge in what Ottawa had to offer on the Friday and let me tell you, I now know I am obsessed with food trucks and all their unique creations. From asian inspired cuisine to classic Canadian comfort food, it was no difficult task to pick what we wanted to sample.

A few snapshots of the festival:

All I wanted to say was, "Can I have some more please?" Who knew Filipino was so darn good!

{Philippine Adobo Balls | Meryanda Food Truck}

{Ottawa Streat Gourmet Food Truck}

If only food trucks delivered, I'd be getting the pulled pork beignet like meow!

{Pulled Pork Beignet & Lobster Bacon Poutine}

Cheese curds, bacon and lobster are the best combination ever! All I can say is major comfort food!

{Lobster Bacon Poutine | Grilled Cheeserie Food Truck}

Though there weren't a lot of local Ontario wines present, I did indeed manage to find a nice glass of dry Riesling to satisfy my thirst.

{Wine booth}

Did you know there's a cheese curd festival in Eastern Ontario? Oh my!

{St. Albert's Cheese}

I'm not a beer gal but I do enjoy a pint here and there.

{Beau's Brewery}

For more information: www.ottawawineandfoodfestival.com
Rosalyn Gambhir
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Taste of Kingston | Le Chien Noir Bistro

With a Parisian bistro feel, located just a few blocks away from historic Market Square, Le Chien Noir Bistro in downtown Kingston is known for serving up fresh, seasonal, high quality, and local ingredients along with a spectacular wine list.

This neighbourhood hangout spot offers feel good classics with an innovative twist and friendly service in a beautiful art deco inspired setting. You are greeted with high detailed tin ceiling, elegant crystal chandeliers, exposed brick walls and a spacious zinc bar. Offering traditional French dishes such as Duck Confit, Boeuf Bourguignonne and Tartare, this bistro would not be complete without highlighting charcuterie and Canadian artisan cheeses.

Though not a dish primarily found in France, a rather fancy poutine can also be found on the menu; frites, Quebec triple cream brie, shredded duck confit, and green peppercorn-cognac jus. The flavours overwhelm your senses and you are simply in food heaven from indulging oh so much. Customers are also met with a vast representation of seafood; fresh oysters, PEI mussels in a thai red curry, seared sea scallops and seasonal catches.

This establishment features a modern spin on French classics and does it quite amazingly. As a Montrealer, Chien Noir is a reminder of home and brings back so many good foodie memories that can be attributed to the man in the kitchen, Chef Derek MacGregor. His food philosophy is all about simplicity and fresh quality ingredients. The concept of Farm to Table is true to his heart, having grown up in a small community near Cornwall surrounded by fresh foods and grandmas whom were exceptional cooks in the kitchen. He is a firm believer of embracing the local food community and has created great rapport with many of the farmers such as Patchwork Gardens, Honey Wagon and Kitchen Gardens. All of which resonate beautifully in the dishes made.

Le Chien Noir Bistro is a charming and welcoming destination, dishing up pleasurable experiences time and time again.

For more information, visit www.lechiennoir.com

Where: 69 Brock St, Kingston, Ontario
Rosalyn Gambhir
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Foodie Spots | Montreal

Montreal is truly a foodie haven, there are endless spots to indulge and fill your belly with heavenly delight. With oh so many cuisines and areas that resonate with French heritage, there is also a nice mix of ethnic immigrant diversity. These are my top picks for foodie spots in my hometown of Montreal:

Fairmount Bagel

The real deal.

Fairmount Bagel

Restaurant Maison Indian Curry House

Thali lovin' with authentic Indian cuisine.

Restaurant Maison Indian Curry House

Arts Café

Besnier waffles anyone? 
Besnier farm confit guinea fowl leg with wild berries, pumpkin cream + McMillan farm maple syrup!

Arts Cafe

Restaurant Leméac

A great spot for good food, meeting friends and great conversations.
Poached eggs, smoked salmon + Spanish caviar on blinis.

Restaurant Lemeac

Juliette et Chocolat

Gotta sweet tooth in the morning? This is the place to visit.

Juliette et Chocolat

Première Moisson

It wouldn't be a visit to Montreal without heading to this French artisanalbakery.

Premiere Moisson

Notable mentions:

Joe Beef

You gotta try the Foie Gras Doubledown - cheddar and aioli stuffed between two slabs of foie gras breaded with potato chips, deep fried and then drizzled with maple syrup.

Au Pied de Cochon

The infamous Foie Gras Poutine is a true decadence.


Smoked meat sandwich, enough said.

La Banquise

It's all about that traditional poutine - a greasy concoction of French fries, gravy and cheese curds.

What's your favourite foodie spot in Montreal?
Rosalyn Gambhir
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Take Time For Yourself

As a self-proclaimed introvert (who is actually quite bubbly and friendly), I relish in silent moments and taking time for myself to recharge. Being alone is precious as it gives me time to think, as life can be crazy sometimes - crazy good and crazy bad or in between. While I don't out right advertise all the work I do within a day or week, that is my choice. I have wonderful moments and highlights every week whether they are related to blogging, my job or social life and share at my own accord. At other times, I'm boggled down with oh so much work yet I don't complain as I'm passionate about what I do.

Taking time for myself is my time to be creative, be productive but most importantly appreciate what life brings my way and the people around me - it is time to reflect. Without this, I certainly get overwhelmed with all I'm trying to juggle mentally, and this certainly causes extra anxiety and stress. On a side note, appreciate the power of saying no - I've recently learned to adapt this into my lifestyle and it has done wonders. Going on, being by yourself gives you the motivation and the opportunity to open your mind and explore new ideas, then put those ideas to good use. We're so concerned with finding ways to fill every single minute of every day interacting with people that we forget to take a step back and give ourselves some quality 'me' time. I've come to realized that fear of missing out is a thing of the past - while I do live for the present, remember that if you're mental batteries aren't recharged, how will you function on a day to day basis?

So whether you enjoy having a sweet treat in solitude or sipping on tea in a coffee shop or playing a sport - find what makes you happy and unwind!

Rosalyn Gambhir

How do you recharge?
Rosalyn Gambhir
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Taste of Kingston | The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro

Proudly Canadian. 100% Beef. People Pleaser.

These three words truly describe The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro. Located at 298 Princess St in Kingston, Ontario, it offers a relaxed and funky dining experience with elaborate and handcrafted creations. Pineapple, peanut butter, avocado, egg, beets, you name it - The Works generously piles it on top of a fresh beef patty and a bun. With an overwhelming list of creatively named burger topping combinations, there is something for every taste.

The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro Kingston

The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro Kingston

The Works has been doing quite well for itself since its official opening in July 2011 by owner, Shirley MacLean also known as "Sexy Red", offering over 50 gourmet burgers, fresh-cut fries, milkshakes and beer - seems like a 50's diner with a quirky twist! How does it all go down? Diners have a choice of seven different patty options - Canadian beef, chicken breast, ground turkey, portobello mushroom cap and gourmet veggie as well as the option of upgrading to a cheese stuffed beef patty (cheesy-licious!) or to a lean elk patty (my fav!). Another amazing aspect about this burger joint is their commitment to offering equally delicious burgers to folks with gluten intolerance and vegetarians!

As for the starters, I fully endorse the Tower-O-Rings which literally are a stack of crispy breaded onion rings (best I've ever had!) served with two dipsticks (make sure to get the Beechhouse and Tzatziki Chill sauce) for dippin'. With all this food talk, you'll sure get thirsty - the ice cream milkshakes and slushies are the way to go!

The Works Gourmet Bistro Burger definitely redefines what a burger with "the works" really means!

The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro Kingston

Burgers aside, The Works interior decor also needs to be given a round of applause as it screams construction site/factory with a definite polished touch. Hello industrial themed! Nowhere else would you ever find big garage door windows that open up in the summer, pipes over top with valves and gauges, pendant lights hanging from the ceiling and creatively designed walls with licenses plates, knick knacks and art paying homage to a local rock band.

You'll also notice drinks being served in measuring cups, metal trays, light bulb salt and pepper shakers and table tops branded with the restaurants name - how neat is that!

The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro Kingston

The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro Kingston

The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro Kingston

The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro Kingston

The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro Kingston

Let's get down to it, what'd my favourite burger? Hands down the Sum Yung Guy, it's juicy, cheesy and filled with flavour - you can't go wrong when ordering it (every time!)

Sum Yung Guy 
Cream cheese, caramelized onions, gouda and bacon.

Sum Yung Guy

If you still have room in that belly after a burger then you gotta try one of these desserts - though only consisting of three, they are well worth it:

A Litte BS
Creamy vanilla ice cream, strawberry, chocolate sauce, walnuts, banana and whipped cream.

Take The Cake
Creamy chunks of cheesecake, vanilla ice cream, strawberry, graham cracker crumbs and whipped cream.

Cookie Monster
Chocolate chip cookies, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. 

The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro Kingston

Next burgers to try:

Malibu Meltdown
O-ring, Beechhouse sauce, havarti, gouda and brie.

The Tom Green
Gouda cheese, Beechhouse sauce, bacon, and fresh avocado.

War Pig
Sauteed mushrooms, smokey BBQ, cheddar and bacon.

For more burgerlicious items, visit www.worksburger.com

Where: 298 Princess St, Kingston, Ontario

The WORKS - Gourmet Burger Bistro on Urbanspoon
Rosalyn Gambhir
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