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An Evening in a Crop Circle: Dining at Enright Cattle Company

Picture this: a mesmerizing evening nestled in a crop circle's embrace and the allure of the unknown. Bae and I had the lovely opportunity to be hosted by the incredible Enright Cattle Company this past weekend at their annual dinner in a crop circle event in Tweed, Ontario, just an hour away from Kingston. The evening was so lovely, and I couldn't wait to share it with you all!

As we stepped onto the site, strolling amidst the towering corn stalks, a heartwarming scene unfolded before us. Imagine being welcomed by a stunning dinner setup featuring expansive wooden tables, cozy seating on hay bales adorned with lovingly crafted handmade quilts, and bouquets of freshly picked flowers. It was truly a sight that brought smiles to our faces.

A celebration of family, local food, and community.

Taking its root back in 2018, this one-of-a-kind event is all about embracing community, highlighting the essence of family-run businesses, and cherishing the farm-to-table connection. It's a delightful showcase that puts Enright beef and exceptional locally sourced ingredients in the spotlight, creating an experience that's nothing short of amazing!

But before I dive deeper into the wonderful delights of the evening, let’s take a moment to give appreciation to our hosts – Kara and Darold Enright!

Guests seated at long family style tables in a crop circle.

Two side by side images of  a cornfield path and Enright Cattle Co ribeye topped chimichurri and a morel and trumpet mushroom sauce.


Enright Cattle Company stands tall as a fourth-generation family-owned farm, beaming with pride in their commitment to sustainability. Their focus on ethically raising purebred Simmental cattle shines brightly, resulting in the finest quality beef gracing the tables of Kingston's most esteemed restaurants and beyond, spanning across the vibrant province of Ontario. Among these culinary spots are some of my personal favourites, including the delightful likes of Bella Bistro, Tango Nuevo, Olivea, Chez Piggy, and a host of other cherished establishments!

What truly sets this business apart is its remarkable approach – at Enright, every resource is valued and utilized to the fullest. Their commitment to minimizing waste is truly inspiring. While beef holds a special place in their operations, their ingenuity shines as they offer bones perfect for soups, transform fats into soap, repurpose offal for gourmet dog food and treats, and fashion exquisite leather goods from the hides. And here's the cherry on top: even the animals' manure finds purpose, enriching their fields as a natural fertilizer. It's an exceptional cycle of sustainability and creativity!

Two side by side images of black coloured cattle with barn in the background and rock facade with Enright Cattle Company branding.

Two side by side images of home mailbox and light brown coloured cattle.

Let's set the scene and get into the evening! The air was filled with a mix of excitement and anticipation, as guests came together for an extraordinary culinary experience. And who better to spearhead this gastronomic adventure than the talented chef √Čtienne Cuerrier of the former Meat Press in Ottawa.

Cooking over an open fire, √Čtienne and his wife Myriam worked their magic to create a spectacular feast. From farm-fresh ingredients to innovative flavours, each bite was amazing and left taste buds in a state of sheer euphoria!

But the night didn't stop at good food and good company. Tweed & Company Theatre stepped onto the field, filling the evening with wonderful acoustic music!


Stepping into the enchanting crop circle, we were met with a warm and inviting atmosphere. The culinary journey commenced with a delightful welcome appetizer: thinly sliced rib lifter meat from Enright Cattle Company. Served alongside a crisp and flavourful slaw, and accompanied by pastrami, it was a true treat for the senses. This appetizer set the stage for the evening!

√Čtienne and his wife Myriam preparing dishes.


Kicking off the evening's culinary journey was a delightful first course that brought a touch of rustic charm to the table. A grilled Caesar salad, adorned with the flavourful Enright bresaola – a delectable air-dried, salted beef. The pairing was a true masterpiece, coming together in perfect harmony to tantalize the taste buds.

The centerpiece of the meal was a succulent fire-roasted Enright ribeye topped with a vibrant chimichurri and a velvety morel and trumpet (mushroom) sauce, rich and earthy elevating every bite.

And let's not forget the drool-worthy sides - smoked cheddar and garlic-infused potatoes, grilled zucchini and local sweet corn to offer a delightful contrast – a medley of freshness and charred perfection.

Wrapping up the evening on a sweet note, guests were treated to a truly refreshingly delicious blueberry cheesecake served in jars. What made it even more special was the use of locally sourced Wilson's organic blueberries, adding a burst of local flavour to every bite. This splendid dessert was the perfect finale, a delightful ending to a memorable evening that had already showcased a wonderful array of Enright beef dishes.

Two side by side images of Enright Cattle Company dinner in a crop circle menu and fire-roasted Enright Cattle Co ribeye topped chimichurri and a morel and trumpet mushroom sauce.

Two side by side images of a grilled Caesar salad with Enright Cattle Company bresaola and blueberry cheesecake in a jar.

Two side by side images of smoked cheddar and garlic-infused potatoes, grilled zucchini and local sweet corn.


Of course, no dinner is complete without a glass of something special to raise in celebration. MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Co. and Closson Chase brought their A-game, offering a delightful selection of local beverages that perfectly complemented the culinary journey. The local beverages perfectly matched the flavours of the night, making every sip even more special.

Two side by side images of beverage vendors MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Co. and Closson Chase.


As the evening progressed, fashion took center field, thanks to local boutiques Chris James and Curate Social – both of which are located in downtown Kingston. A dazzling fashion show showcased the latest trends while showcasing Enright Cattle Co leather bags that are all beautifully handmade using their cattle hides!

Did you know you can visit the Grain Bin featured below on Saturdays between 10am and 2pm for a chance to explore their fantastic range of leather goods and top-quality beef?!

Two side by side images of converted grain bin and Chris James and Curate Social clothing being modelled with Enright Cattle Company leather purse.


And, saving the best for last – the absolutely stunning artwork by Chaka Chikodzi. He's a talented Zimbabwean-Canadian Stone Sculptor residing in Kingston, and his creations are truly something to behold. 

We admired his beautiful creations as we walked through the cornfield path to dinner, all crafted from volcanic rock sourced all the way from Zimbabwe. It's like encountering a gallery of wonders right in the midst of nature, a magical touch that added an extra layer of enchantment to the experience.

Two side by side images of artwork by Chaka Chikodzi, Zimbabwean-Canadian Stone Sculptor.

So, there you have it – an unforgettable evening in a crop circle! 

Thank you once again to Enright Cattle Company for a wonderful hosted experience! To learn more about this passionate and dedicated family-operated business as well as its online offerings including their boxes delivered right to your doorstep, click here.
Rosalyn Gambhir
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