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J. Crew Wish List

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So let's face it, Canada and J. Crew simply do not go hand in hand. Why you may ask? Because while yes, J. Crew has
stores in major cities in Canada, Montreal is not one of them. But oh wait, there are less than ten stores in the entire country. This bugs me as I am not a huge online shopper. I prefer to try my clothes on before purchasing them and there's a certain thrill to it. Secondly, I am from Quebec and trekking to Toronto is not an option as to be honest... it is not my favorite.

So while J. Crew takes its time expanding up here, I will simply have to continue "window shopping" online.

Let's just say, these are products I've been eyeing for the longest time, especially the puffer vest in navy and the statement flower necklace.
So ily!

jcrew wishlist


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Rosalyn Gambhir
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Winter Necessities

So the weather still hasn't made up its mind in Ontario. This past week, it was quite frigid and simply going outside was miserable. Any exposed skin immediately turned numb and it was unpleasant. I already hate this winter and it is only January!

But there is something to love in every situation, even in the dead of winter and as I like to tell myself from time to time, it's all in how you treat yourself. I have gathered a few "necessities" that help me enjoy this ridiculousness in style and comfort.

Being cozy is key!

winter necessities

Enjoy & Keep Warm!

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Rosalyn Gambhir
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Body Confident

When a girl looks at herself in the mirror, there will always be certain things that will pop out as being unattractive or not good enough. Have you had one of these days?

It’s easy to let your mind just go off on a massive tangent, exaggerating things and making everything feel so dramatic and blown out of proportion. It’s important to remember when thinking about your own body, to tone it back. You need to be objective and rational. Out of all the people in the world, I don’t think that there is one person that thinks they are prefect. You only get one body for the entirety of your life, so you may as well highlight or acknowledge your best features. To some this may seem arrogant but it’s okay to think a lot of yourself even if it’s in your head. 

Through the course of life, you will be remembered for the work you have done, the friendships you gave to people or relationships or the things you have achieved. No one will remember you for your problem areas. We are all unique in our own way.  I have learned to appreciate my body and to simply not criticize myself in a way I once did.

You need to accept yourself for who you are and from there, you can enjoy life. You can see what the world truly has to offer instead of hiding behind closed door too afraid of what people would say.

Finally, loving yourself is the most important as this gives you confidence. Going to extreme lengths is never a good idea and I know from experience. The end of high school was one of my lowest points in terms of body issues, till this day no one truly knows what I went through. While I am still opening up to it, each person goes at their own pace in divulging their life 'secrets' and gaining support, which is the first step to so called 'recovery'.

With moderation, you can tweak and enhance your body confidence rather than physically harming yourself. You don’t have to put yourself down or listen to others putting you down.
Be you and live for you!

stop comparing, think positively, accept yourself, don’t let anyone define you and set personal goals!

Marilyn - D
efinition of real beauty.


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Rosalyn Gambhir
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