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McDonald’s All Day Breakfast

What’s cracking at McDonald’s?

Well if you're a breakfast lover then you're in luck my friends - select McDonald’s across Canada are now serving breakfast all day, every day! So no more disappointments when that 11 a.m. mark rolls around and you can't satisfy your breakfast craving anymore.

McDonald’s Canada All Day Breakfast

The Egg McMuffin 

The prime suspect when ordering off the breakfast menu, this contender boasts one freshly cracked, large Canada Grade A egg topped with Canadian bacon and a slice of tasty processed cheddar cheese, sitting happily on a toasted English muffin.

McDonald’s Canada All Day Breakfast

So whether I'm running late or need a pick me up, this classic meal which I've enjoyed since I was a youngster along with other breakfast selections can now be enjoyed at any hour. Seriously time loses all meaning - get what you want, when you want it.

To top it off, you can mix and match your favourite McDonald’s menu items - feeling a McWrap and a Hash brown? Go right ahead.

Say hello to breakfast on your terms at whenever o’clock!

McDonald’s Canada All Day Breakfast

Thank you McDonalds Canada for sponsoring this post!
Rosalyn Gambhir
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Top 10 Old School Date Ideas

I'll preface this by saying that I don't quite believe in Valentine's Day as everyday of the year should be filled with love and happiness towards whom ever you cherish the most. But yet again,  another year, another Valentine’s Day. While the pressure is on to find the cutest gift out there, why not gift the pleasure of an experience for two!

Top 10 Old School Date Ideas

While cuddling and Netflix is great, it’s always a nice idea to wow your bae every once in a while. Keep things interesting, mix it up a little and do the unexpected that isn't Valentine's Day. And I don’t mean a dozen over-priced roses that will be dead in two weeks or a box of chocolates that you'll devour in three seconds. Break the cycle, folks!

This year, let's take a step back and kick it up a notch old school style - here are my top 10 date ideas for the season:

1. Hit Up a Burger Joint and Sip on Milkshakes

Thankfully we are blessed to be a city that is filled with restaurants so hitting up an old fashioned diner isn't too hard - from Tommy's, Harper's Burger Bar to the Works Burger Bistro. Falling in love over a milkshake? Yes please! And don't forget to ask for two straws!

Top 10 Old School Date Ideas

2. Strike Out at Cloverleaf Lanes

This is a no brainer - looking for some fun but with a bit of competitive edge? Then head on over to Cloverleaf Lanes for a friendly game of bowling. Double date? Why not - the more the merrier when it comes to this get together.

3. Spend The Night In

Now days it's all about Netflix and chill, but why not head down to Classic Video on Clarence St with your special someone and pick out an old TV series for the night! Perhaps Dawson Creek or Save By The Bell? Don't forget the popcorn and sodas!

4. Board Games at The Alibi

Sometimes, a great date night can be as simple as pulling out a board game. All you really need are a few excellent game choices for 2 players on hand that aren’t gathering dust. Don't have any on hand? Then head on over to The Alibi located on Princess St in downtown Kingston for a pint or a fancy drink for the lady while enjoying their endless supplies of boardgames. From Scrabble to Cards Again Humanity, the night may just turn into making friends with the table next to you!

Top 10 Old School Date Ideas

5. People Watch While Sipping on a Fancy Drink

What better way to spend time with your other half then sipping on cocktails and creating hilarious subtitles for those around you. If you're a couple that loves to laugh then concocting silly situations is right up your alley - seriously give it a try!

Top 10 Old School Date Ideas

6. Arcade Games at Barcadia

Let's step back in time into a retro pinball and video game arcade - say hello to Barcadia. This is your chance to unleash your inner kid as you battle out your date and test their competitive side, and use it to flirt as well (obviously). Not a huge gamer? Don't worry you'll never be bored here - there's lots of cool items for newbies as well.

7. Be a Tourist

Living in the fabulous city of Kingston - there is always somewhere new to discover. Take your love for your partner and mesh it together. Remind yourself why you love living where you live by doing all the tourist things you just couldn’t pull yourself to do alone. Check out this list here for ideas!

Top 10 Old School Date Ideas

8. Indulge in Local Ice Cream

Holding hands while eating ice cream? The cutest date ever. Whatever the season is - nothing beats a enjoying local goodness in a cone. Summer time? Head to White Mountain on Kingston St while in the winter nestle into the quaint Sipps Coffee and Dessert Bar for a taste of the County with their campfire ice cream from the amazing Slickers.

Better yet, try going on the hunt for Mr. Nice Cream - the ice cream truck from your childhood and indulge in a large twist soft serve with rainbow sprinkles with the person that you love.

Top 10 Old School Date Ideas

9. Afternoon Tea at Delightfully Different Tea Room

Not as popular anymore but who doesn't love bite size sandwiches, fine china and scones? Although you may not have your own parlor room, sharing a cup of tea on an afternoon is a cute, romantic gesture that doesn’t require an extravagant setup. Delightfully Different Tea Room recently opened up next to Martello Alley and would make a wonderful spot to enjoy tea for two.

Top 10 Old School Date Ideas

10. Live Music at the Grad Club

Probably one of my favourite places in Kingston for live music - the Grab Club near Queen's University campus is the go-to spot for indie folk bands that you and your date can groove to. Old school or not, this will definitely create a bond between you and your date!

What are some of your favourite old school date ideas?

- xoxo
Rosalyn Gambhir
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