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About Myself – 20 Random Facts

I`m slightly obsessive compulsive – I make lists, color coordinate everything, am a neat freak about my personal space i.e. my room, closet..
My happy place is always down by a lake.
Carousels and strawberry sundaes remind me of my childhood.
My favorite snack is strawberry jam and cheddar cheese on toast.
I love the smell after it rains and I love thunderstorms.
I secretly write songs and poems (Whoops I guess that`s not a secret anymore, unless you read this..)
I have a hard time letting people in and talking about my emotions.
I may come across as being shy, but I am a super silly, outgoing person who giggles excessively.
I can be extremely competitive when it comes to sports and I don`t mind getting down and dirty.
I enjoy everything espionage related and one day I secretly hope to be a spy.(A girl can dream lol)
I have a crush on Scott Speedman and Jake Gyllenhaal then again who doesn`t.
I love 80s movies and am obsessed with 60s and 70s music.
When I was smaller I wanted to either be a Cosmologist or a Forensic Anthropologist.
I`m way too nice of a person but if you ever cross me, I swear I will make you suffer in every inch of your body.
I am not a very materialistic kind of person and enjoy the simple things in life. Hence, I am grateful for everything I have.
My philosophy is that if you like a girl, be confident and make a move. Don`t be a coward and make her wait while you decide what you want with you life, because she will move on.
I appreciate the old romantic ways. Flowers, Love Letters, Sweet Nothings, and Surprise Visits. The modern ways, well, I’m just not buying it - it lacks thoughtfulness.
I`m still undecided on what I want to do after university but I may go for a Master’s in International Policy and Strategic Intelligence or a Master`s in Security and Intelligence or even possibly start up my own business like my father who has inspired me in every aspect of my life. Then again, I love surprises, so you never know, I may end up working for a magazine or be my own boss.
I have struggled with my weight and physical appearance since I was 12.  In my mind I will never be pretty enough nor thin enough.  High school was difficult in the sense that was when I was my 'thinnest' and was terrified to eat much of anything.  As I get older, it’s easier for me to fight those thoughts but some days are much worse than others. However, university was the worse time for me when it came to this issue but with the help of two great friends and great support, I changed my lifestyle to incorporate a healthy diet and daily workouts. It’s a constant struggle but mentally and physically, this is the healthiest I’ve ever been.

My third year of university was the time I grew as a person. I learned who I should trust, who my true friends were, how boys can deceive you and lead you on, what I wanted to do with my life, that I deserve better, and can do anything if I put my heart and soul into it.

Rosalyn Gambhir
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