Happy Thanksgiving

Monday, October 12, 2015

Fall is synonymous with cozy sweaters, football, pumpkin spice, changing leaf colours and everything in between - and that's how I like it, fall is definitely my favourite season. 

Though let's not forget all that delicious food - I'm talking about Thanksgiving silly. This holiday is more than just having turkey - well okay I'm all about that stuffing, but it is truly about being around those you love and cherish, keeping traditions alive, being grateful for all you have and making new memories.

As per tradition, my parents and I headed to our cottage just a kilometres away from Mont Tremblant for a weekend getaway of relaxation and unplugging (literally no cell reception or wifi!). It was very much needed and so glad I took the weekend off for myself and spend quality time with loved ones. 

Snapshots of my Thanksgiving weekend at my parents cottage:



How gorgeous is the fall foliage? 


A blanket of marvelous beauty!


Oh hey it's me!


What did you do this Thanksgiving weekend? Leave a comment!

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