Bobbie Sue's Mac n Cheese

Monday, November 16, 2015

This mac n cheese lover may have just found her true love - say hello to Bobbie Sue's Mac n Cheese! Praise hallelujah the cheese heavens have blessed us with a glorious gift this season and it comes in true cheeselicious form. Their menu is small yet simple focusing on one dish that makes perfect sense - macaroni and cheese!

This new addition to the Toronto area is sure to be a hot spot with locals and foodies. Co-owners Nicholas and Frederic Laliberté sure knew how win the hearts of many with this new restaurant under their belt.

I'll certainly be trying the  Carbonara Mac (pancetta + grana padano + egg yolk) and good old Classic Mac (five-cheese blend)! See you soon Bobbie Sue's!

Photos by Jesse Milns

Let's give Bobbie Sue's some cheesy love:

Where: 162 Ossington #3, entrance on Foxley, Toronto, ON

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