Shine On {College Prepster}

Monday, August 12, 2013

I truly cannot express how much Carly Heitlinger of The College Prepster has empowered and inspired me to push myself forward when I was in my last year of university. Knowing someone else was going through the same struggles and expectations was a breath of fresh air. Her blog was the first I discovered and it is now the first thing I read every morning, it is engrained into my routine. 

Her image has changed, transitioning from college student to full-time busy bee working at Levo League but she still carries that prep in her style. Carly's demeanour seems so sweet yet she portrays the image of a strong woman of knowledge and has true passion for what she does. 

Blogging as TCP allowed Carly to share her voice and story (daily might I add) with countless other girls since 2008. Her drive and uniqueness have led her to the city that never sleeps, i.e. New York with ambition and big plans for the future.

Here's a glimpse of her style and be sure to have a sneak peek at her lovely blog:

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