Battledish Kingston Winners | Congratulations

Friday, February 21, 2014

As Battledish Kingston has come to an end and local winners were announced, nationally across North America after all the votes were tallied, drum roll please...

 Congratulations to Chef Arden MacLean of Milestones Kingston on nationally winning Best Modern dish with her Marinated Winter Sirloin and being the Battledish Kingston Winner !

Also to recap!

Congratulations to Chef Arden MacLean of Milestones Kingston
on locally winning Most Delicious, Most Delicious and Best Modern dish!

PS Loving the headbands Arden! They're her signature look!

{Arden MacLean}

 Congratulations to Chef Genevieve Patenaude of Geneva Crepe Cafe on locally winning Most Authentic dish and Best Cocktail for her Bombay Crepe and Bacon Chocoholic drink!

{Chef Genevieve Patenaude}


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