Lancome | Dual Finish Versatile Powder

Monday, February 24, 2014

Let's start this of by stating that I have had the same make up routine for a good couple of years now. I have used the so called make up 'essentials' to look 'presentable' every morning in under 10 minutes. Shocked? This girl uses only 5 products on her everyday face, starting with a primer, tinted moisturizer, under eye concealer, dual finish powder and blush, bam! That's all. The item though that has remained consistent over the years, has been the brand, Lancome and its Dual Finish Versatile Powder.

Lancome was the first ever beauty brand I tried and have stuck with it ever since. Hence why I chose to remain loyal with the dual finish powder. Why? I've been using it since grade 11 and it has been a life saver as it provides incredible coverage and the right amount of matteness during the day. It conceals and is light weight.

 I usually get complemented on my flawless skin most often and have the dual finish powder to thank.
It truly gives you a natural finish every time, leaving your skin soft and supple.

Thanks Lancome!

  {Dual Finish | Matte Nu III}

All neatly packaged, the sleek black compact case comes with a thin powder puff for light coverage and a thick soft sponge for more full coverage. It is rather convenient and perfect in size as it can be put in a purse for touch ups through out the day.

 {Dual Finish | Matte Nu III}

All images were taken with a Nikon D3100.


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