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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

As a prep, it is somewhat of a requirement to own a vest or be obsessed with J.Crew but as the nearest J.Crew store is 3 hours away and delayed shipping times on popular items, it just made sense to go investigate the other alternative, Old Navy. A store that will not hurt your bank account. Though not a fan for years, Old Navy has truly stepped up their game lately. Their merchandise has improved significantly as I have loved every single item I've bought from them recently. 

The most liked item would be the quilted barn vest as it has been a great layering piece for outfits, from sweaters, oxfords and basic long sleeve shirts. Originally I was going to purchase the excursion quilted vest online from J.Crew but the price tag was a tad high and the most discouraging part, was the one month expected delivery date. Refusing to buy or wait, somehow Old Navy came to the rescue! Immediately, I went in store and purchased the hot pink quilted vest and a week after purchased the black version online, where in both cases I saved about $100. 

Light in material, I've worn the Old Navy quilted vests more often than I would have been to wear the J.Crew vest. They have truly become a staple in my wardrobe. I now regret though not getting the olive or beige colored vests but no mediums left in store or online:(

{Hot Pink Quilted Barn Vest}

Yes I do love my striped Vero Moda shirt!

{Black Quilted Barn Vest}

BTW! Old Navy always has great deals and sales online, so be sure to visit: www.oldnavy.ca 

I got the following sweaters for Spring for less than $100 along with a pair of flats and athletic wear for my partner, thanks to the sale section and 30% off! Now that's how you save! 

{Recent Purchases}

All images taken with Moto X thanks to Rogers.


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