Cronut Creator Unveils 'Waffogato'

Friday, May 02, 2014

Heard of the cronut - half croissant, half doughnut?

Well the New York based pastry genius Dominique Ansel has now unveiled his latest hybrid, the 'waffogato'. Interesting name right? It is a twist between a waffle and an Italian dessert known as affogato. According to Ansel's Instagram it features "vanilla ice cream waffle with Belgium waffle bits, slightly salted, and topped with maple-syrup espresso poured on top. As the ice cream melts, little tapioca pearls are revealed and float in the melted ice cream espresso sauce."

Of course, Ansel would add his personal touch and playful flair. Is this only the start of his creative culinary crossovers? Let's up the golden age of mash ups is only just beginning!

Expect the waffogato to be in shop once mother nature decides to grace us with some warmer weather.

{Dominique Ansel - Instagram}


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