Eating Local: A Way of Life

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Eating local food is more than a trend or a subject, it is a way of life. And I am proud to say that I am now a locavore. I'll be honest, I wasn't always especially as a university student but the appeal started when I noticed a farmer's market on campus every week and on my way home I'd fill my bag up with fresh veggies and a loaf of bread. This was convenient for my schedule rather than trekking to the grocery store a few blocks away. As time went on, it was part of my routine and what sparked my interest in the local food scene.

Eating Local A Way of Life

Fast forward a few years ago where my foodie partner-in-crime and I decided to support a local farm through a CSA - a program that offers weekly freshly picked farm-raised food boxes. The decision to support a local farm was purely based on freshness and cost. Locally grown fruits and vegetables are usually harvested the same day as they are collected. You can’t beat the flavour of fresh. Also buying locally and eating seasonally supports the local economy, helps keep farms in business and creates local jobs. The added bonus of supporting a local farmer is the vast variety of product and abundance. These farmers help you put into perspective that food truly has become an industrial commodity and we should appreciate the craft of farming itself. Food should be an experience - we often forget and even take for granted what mother nature has graced us with. Since living in Kingston, my passion and knowledge for local foods has expanded tremendously and am glad that our local farmers are leading the way in aspiring the local food economy.

It is truly inspiring to see a local farmer take a passion and let it grow beyond belief. To know that the farm we supported a few years back is doing amazingly well, makes us proud and even more excited for the future. We truly appreciate that food is something that is crafted and grown with love, hard work and pure commitment. So to see others recognize this worth is exceptional as lives and families change but also to see folks more connected to our environment.

Supporting the local food system is all about baby steps from going to restaurants that source foods locally, stopping by a farmers market or visiting your farmers directly.

Remember your fruits and veggies shouldn't all look perfect and the joy of seeing different shapes, sizes and colour brings excitement when going local!


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