The Kick + Push Festival Kicks Off

Monday, July 11, 2016

This Friday July 15th marks the launch of Kingston's new summer attraction - The Kick & Push Festival. The theatre venture only a year old is all about celebrating innovation that offers one-of-a-kind experiences in unique spaces. It takes the audience past theirs seat and the curtain and immerses them right in the centre of the action. This is not your typical theatre event as observers are up close and personal with the performers as well as the storyline.

Kick and Push Festival Kingston

A collaboration of theatrical events presented by theatre companies within the city of Kingston and beyond, the celebration starts with the Storefront Festival from July 15-23 where empty downtown storefronts on Princess St will be transformed and revitalized into works of art but also set the stage for performances. From Fake Nerd Girl, Social Medium: A Short Term Self Evaluation to Ravish Me, expect to be wowed and shows are only $8!

From historic landmarks to City Hall, The Kick & Push Festival has gone above and beyond to offer a unique style of theatre to give you a glimpse into cultural and historical spaces, in hopes that you will see theatre in a new light. The Festival continues with productions from an acrobatic folk opera titled Beneath Our Feet, an immersive experience with Overlooked to a new take on a William Shakespeare classic called The Taming of the Shrew and lots more!

Tickets are now on sale:

Visit the Grand Theatre Box Office for more information or call 613-530-2050.


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