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Blog Archive

Four Years | Queen's University

The Start | I officially graduated this past Friday and I’ve been trying to figure out exactly how to sum up my four years at Queen’s University. Truthfully, I have had my ups and downs. Just thinking about everything that I’ve been through, everything that I’ve experienced, and everything that I’ve somewhat accomplished is overwhelming.

Regrets | I seriously did not think I was going to make it through the first semester let alone make it through four years. While I was more than excited to move to Kingston, the first two years were my hardest. Little did I know that the choices I had made in terms of residence and roommate selection would affect my future years. While the people I have met, have been for the most part truly genuine, others were not. Having attended an all-girls’ high school, I wanted to experience co-ed life. Then again, I regretted this decision and would have now preferred the idea of residing in an all-girls’ residence. There would have been less drama, competitiveness and cliquing. On the other hand, I would like to mention that the individuals that I did meet, I have formed lasting friendships and have actually lived with some of them for the last three years.

Moving On | I learned several things despite my struggles with classes and grades. I recognized that I could survive and get through it all, which I have done. While I did not confide in professors, counselors or even close friends, I will admit it was hard getting by even when I had to put on a brave face everyday. This leads to my next point.

Confession | I have had a hard time admitting to failure or rejection. As a result, I have accumulated a bunch of pent up resentment and angst emotions. All this eventually came out at the start of last summer. I came to the realization that I did not have a support system or anyone to turn to when I was dealing with school issues as I assumed people would judge me. This being said, I will confess that I have had more than a few breakdowns, but have kept them to myself. After confiding to a close friend and meeting people outside my usual group of friends, lots of great things came out of those horrible semesters. I pulled my grades up drastically; I resorted to blogging as a creative outlook; I began to figure out how to successfully get through university academics, friendships and life in general. I figured how I study best. I basically did not have a social life in my fourth year of university. I was on campus everyday at 8h30am either doing work, applying to jobs etc. It was then that I realized who my true friends were and eventually how to have a well-balanced life.

The End | While it has been four years, it definitely hasn’t been the easiest. This being said, I have learned so much in the process and do not regret any of it as I have grown as a person.

A Slew of Classes | Practical Engineering Modules – Mechanics - Chemistry And Materials - Personal Computers In Engineer - Earths Physical Environment - Basic Engineering Graphics - Calculus - Professional Engineering Skill - Electricity And Magnetism - Chemistry And The Environment - Intro Computer Program Engineers - Calculus II - Introduction To Linear Algebra - Engineering Communications I - Computing Science For Engineer - Electric Circuits - Digital Systems - Electrical & Computer Engineering Lab - Differential Equations - Engineering Communications II - Electronics I - Discrete Mathematics - Computer Architecture - Fundamentals Of Electromagnetics - Economic And Business Practice – Human Computer Interaction – Introduction to Data Mining -Algorithms I - Microprocessor Systems - Operating Systems - Logic For Computing Science - Software Specifications - Computer Graphics - Probability & Random Processes - Digital Systems Engineering - Electrical & Computer Eng. Design - Intro To Cognitive Science - Distributed Systems - Topics In Biomedical Engineering - Computer Networks I - Computer Engineering Project - Biomaterials - Database Management Systems - Fundamentals Of Information And Software Engineering - Geography Environment & Human Health - Aerospace Engineering – Biomaterials - Fuzzy Logic

Degree Obtained | Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering ‘12

P.S | As for my convocation dress, I decided to go with white and keep it simple and classic.

Stay tuned for a few more posts about my university experience + highlights!


Rosalyn Gambhir
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