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Turducken Feast

When Echelon Foods invited me to try their Original Turducken with Apple Chicken Stuffing for Thanksgiving, I couldn't resist saying yes as I'm an adventurous eater. Unsure as to what a turducken is? The answer to that is quite simple - a chicken stuffed in a duck into a deboned turkey. Holy cannoli! Is that even possible? Why yes and it is THE ultimate dinner feast for you and your guests. It is easy enough for a beginner home cook and will not fail to impress. It is the perfect holiday meal alternative this season for family get-togethers that will have your guests wanting more.

Sound intriguing? Then keeping reading my lovely foodies.

The process of making the turducken dish was a whopping grand total of thirty plus hours - this of course included thawing and roasting time. Let's just say all those hours are worth the wait as well as the temptation of aroma that fills the air. 

The Process

After a full day of thawing in a bath of cold water within a sink, the turducken was cooked initially at a low temperature in a conventional oven at 220°F in a roasting pan with a built-in rack covered with foil. We decided to layer the bottom of the pan with roughly chopped carrots, onions, garlic, smoked sea salt along with water and red wine, as it would gradually collect the drippings that would eventually turn into a gravy sauce. Though you must remember to remove this layer from the pan every few hours as it may burn. The last two hours, the aluminum foil came off and the heat was raised to 350°F for a crispier taste until the internal temperature exceeded 165°F - you best have a meat thermometer on hand as it will be your best friend cooking a turducken. Once the turducken is carefully removed from the oven it was covered immediately with foil and allowed to rest for 30 minutes before serving. 

During this time, the preparation of the sides was done. Salad? Check. Mashed potatoes? Check. Roasted veggies? Check! Gravy? Check. Sip a bit of Riesling? Oui Oui!

Time To Devour

Once plated on a serving platter with foil and stitching removed - the best part of all was scooping the chicken apple stuffing into a bowl (and just a quick bite to taste!) followed by carving into the turducken as each slice cut into contained all three types of meat. The combination of duck, chicken and turkey was moist and rather flavourful, especially with gravy. The skin was crispy enough and glad we choose to raise the temperature towards the end.

Overall, the turducken was of great value. I was most surprised when we didn't have to do any basting - keeping the foil over top for the first four hours or so truly helped to keep the turkey meat nice and juicy till the end. 

I am so very thankful for this opportunity, being with my family and enjoying such a wonderful meal that provided lots of leftovers for hot sandwiches, soups and quesadillas. 

Must-Know 1:
Turduckens by Echelon Foods contains no MSG or preservatives and is cholesterol-free.

Must-Know 2:
Turduckens are available in both Canada and the US!

For more information: www.theoriginalturducken.com

Rosalyn Gambhir
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