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Simple Ways to Get a Better Sleep Tonight

Between busy work schedules, social commitments, and passionate side hustles, getting a full night's sleep is no easy feat these days. Luckily, it all starts by finding your toolkit of relaxing bedtime rituals to help you unwind before sleep. Getting into the habit of doing the same few things every night before you go to bed helps clue your body into what's happening. 

Today, I'll be sharing my go-to tips to combat a few common sleep problems. So don't give up, as you'll fall back in love with sleep and drifting off to dreamland in no time. Note that you have control over the quality of your sleep than you probably realize,

so let's get down to it and say goodbye to those nights of tossing and turning.

Simple Ways to Get a Better Sleep Tonight


Develop a pre-bedtime ritual to help you (and your mind) wind down.

The first item that my bedtime toolkit includes is taking a warm shower an hour before I hit the sack. This allows me to unwind, get into my cozy PJs, cool down and leaves time to treat myself to a much-needed facemask.

Simple Ways to Get a Better Sleep Tonight


Keep your thermostat set at 65 degrees to sleep cool and stay chill.

This is the perfect time to snuggle up wear your favourite sweatshirt and cozy socks before climbing into bed. And hey, resisting the urge to crank the heat up in the winter will save you money! It's a win-win situation.

Simple Ways to Get a Better Sleep Tonight


Essential oils can be your best friend when anxiety kicks in and you're having trouble sleeping. The healing powers of aromatherapy is a world on its own that has the ability to balance your mind, body, and spirit. 

I was introduced to DoTerra oils last year and now swear by it every night. Diffusing or simply rubbing some onto your skin will help you relax and sleep more soundly. Better yet, mix a few drops of essential oil and water in a spray bottle and give your pillowcase a spritz.

Simple Ways to Get a Better Sleep Tonight


Tuck away your phone and pick up a book to bring on the zzz's.

My favourite book currently has been Lagom - a term coined by the Swedish meaning "just enough." With our minds racing and constant to-do lists, the idea of lagom can actually allow you to live more of a balanced life and fits perfectly as an aid to sleeping. Ask yourself - is your bedroom calming? is it cluttered? Take baby steps to create a calming environment by keeping it clean and ensuring a stress-free space. Make sure your sleep essentials are comfortable as well. If you notice any tears, rips, or lumps in your mattress, it might be time for a new one. And! A good pillow is just as important too! If you find that you're constantly fluffing your pillow, it may be time to upgrade your pillow as well.

Remember, your bedroom should be a calming oasis in which to switch off from the stresses and strains of daily life.

Simple Ways to Get a Better Sleep Tonight

Nighty night my lovely friends!
Rosalyn Gambhir
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