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5 Easy Camping Food Hacks

With summer almost here, I'm excited to explore the great outdoors in my own "backyard" of Kingston, Ontario, and camping is at the top of my list followed by the sweet delicious smell of campfire food.

Best part thanks to the City of Kingston, they are offering an amazing interactive event - Lumberjack Workshop Weekend. Whether you're an expert camper or a novice, they teach you the skills to survive amidst Mother Nature because everyone can use a refresher and a little camping hacks, tips, and tricks. 

So today, I'm sharing my 5 favourite and easy camping food hacks that will save you time and effort in the outdoors while improving your campfire cooking skills, because the convenience of kitchen appliances and electricity are out the window. Next time you plan a camping journey, give some of these food hacks a try to help you whip up tasty meals in a flash.


Need a cup of caffeine to wake up in the AM? Don't worry, you're not the only one but not keen on lugging a coffeemaker to your campsite. I'm with you! Here's a simple solution - pour a tablespoon of ground coffee in filters and tie them with dental floss. Voila, then toss it into a single cup of boiling water!

5 Easy Camping Food Hacks


So if you don't already know, I'm a huge mac n cheese lover and in my books, it's THE ultimate comfort food so obviously, I'd bring this dish camping. Best part, a little cooking in advance goes a long way to enjoy the perks of camping. So whip up your favourite mac n cheese recipe, divide into small foil circular tins and then cover tightly with foil. Place in cooler and you're ready to go - simply get a fire going, let it burn down to hot coals, place atop campfire for 8-10 minutes and you should have an ooey gooey campfire mac n cheese to indulge in.

Tip: Spray the tin foil with cooking spray to avoid the cheese from sticking.

5 Easy Camping Food Hacks

5 Easy Camping Food Hacks


When it comes to camping and cooking, don't skimp out on flavour because you don't want bland tasting food and obviously you can't pack up your entire spice cupboard. Solution? Simply put your spices in a one-a-day pill organizer and label! Now you're ready to whip up some tasty campfire meals.


Cheesy quesadillas are the perfect treat when out in the great outdoors. Can you tell I have a slight cheese obsession? To make this dish, simply put the quesadillas together, fold it almost like a burrito, and wrap it in foil and place them on the grate right over your campfire until the cheese is melty and the tortilla slightly crisp. And just like that dinner is served! Also, no plates required - let it cool off and enjoy straight out of the foil packet.


If you haven't realized by now, tin foil is your best friend when camping especially when cooking and makes clean up a breeze. This is where those spices will also come in handy. Double win! To effortlessly make this dish, combine sliced potatoes with onions and peppers then sprinkle cheese and preferred spices. Seal foil around the potatoes to form a packet and put over hot coals for 30 minutes. Another meal idea completed!


Thanks to the City of Kingston for sponsoring this post.
Rosalyn Gambhir
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