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Homemade Bread The Easy Way at Home

Are you slightly bored or going stir crazy at home? Well, you're not the only one. Since we've been in quarantine, it seems like everyone and their mom's are suddenly baking bread. Yup, even so, that grocery stores are facing flour and yeast shortages - it's crazy. Obviously, for me and many others, nothing beats delicious, homemade bread. But the smell of freshly baked bread, now that's on a whole other level - it's inviting and oh, so comforting!

So while we all try to find creative ways to stay busy while social distancing, making baking has been quite a popular hobby. And you guessed it, I hopped on the bandwagon but more so because neither bae or I wanted to do another trip to the grocery store.

I'm sharing one of our favourite recipes so far below. We ended up with a bit more dough than anticipated after it had risen. Our solution was to obviously get another pan, roll the dough into balls, glaze the top of the dough with some butter and crush up garlic for added taste. It was uber good and our version of Jack Astor's cheese garlic pan bread which now that I'm thinking about, has me drooling!

Making bread for the first time

Making bread for the first time

Making bread for the first time


Recipe by: Chef Michael Smith


5 cups of all-purpose or bread flour
1/2 heaping teaspoon of active dry yeast
2 teaspoons of salt
2 1/2 cups of warm water


Step 1

In a large bowl, whisk the dry ingredients together, evenly distributing the salt and yeast throughout the flour. Pour in the warm water and stir with the handle of a wooden spoon until a moist dough forms. Continue stirring until the dough incorporates all the loose flour in the bowl, 1 or 2 minutes in total.

Step 2

Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and let rest in a warm place for 12-14 hours. The dough will double in size and bubble, and long elastic gluten strands will form without laborious kneading.

Step 3

Dust the dough lightly with a bit of flour. Oil hands lightly and, with your fingertips, gather the dough from the outside edges to the middle, knocking it down into a loose ball. Turn out onto a lightly floured board and knead for a few moments until tight ball forms. Toss the ball back in the bowl and lightly coat with a splash of vegetable oil, turning to evenly cover.

Step 4
Gently roll the dough into a thin log that fits end to end in a lightly oiled 9 x 5 inch loaf pan and, without covering, rest it a second time. In 2 to 3 hours it will double in size once more.

Step 5

Meanwhile, preheat your oven to 425 °F. When the dough is ready, bake for 45 minutes.

Our version of Jack Astor's cheese garlic pan bread.
Bon appetit!
Rosalyn Gambhir
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