Bar Cart Styling

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Every girls needs one of these when they move into their own place. A bar cart is much needed even if it doesn't hold what its suppose to.

If you have no clue to where to start, simply try to infuse your personal style. Feminine details are always a must even if this includes festive pieces that can be used year long. When entertaining, the rule of thumb(or well mine) is to stock up on cute straws, napkins and coasters. Pretty packaging on products is a plus! Who doesn't love a little bit of color, graphic patterns and texture? You need to remember two words, style and function. It should look cute but also serve a purpose.

A tray is a great way to start displaying your items. It can hold a shaker, glass filled with straws, glassware or an ice bucket. A vase with your favourite flowers, perhaps some peonies can also be showcased and give the room some colour.

Use your imagination and be creative, this is your space.

Remember to always have a bottle of bubbly to celebrate a spur of the moment occasion!


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