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Taste of Kingston | Bread & Butter Bakery

Upon entering you feel like a kid in a candy shop, but surrounded by baked goods. The aroma simply entices you even more drawing you closer to the glass display cases that hold the deliciousness that Bread & Butter Bakery and Fine Pastries has to offer. From bread, cakes, baked goods to savory products, the owner Wendy Whithall has the dedication and passion to produce quality items that not only look great but are made from scratch and appetizing as well. An idea that formed back in 1998, Wendy has now been in business for fifteen years with much support and encouragement from her husband and two daughters (who presently all work there!). She turned her love of baking into a thriving career that has shown impressive growth.

{Display case with my favourite Blueberry Lemon Buns!)

Her background includes that of accounting but have always wanted to open her own business such as a bed and breakfast or something on a smaller scale, Wendy took it upon herself to get the credentials and experience she needed to get started. It is with that motivation that she attended Niagara College where she specialized in Culinary Skills and moved on to working at Inn on the Twenty, a winery restaurant in Niagara (where Anna Olson also worked after her departure) as a Pastry Chef. With four years of food industry experience prior to opening Bread & Butter, her husband, and herself finally moved to Kingston due to his employment. Not knowing anything about the city of Kingston, Wendy absolutely loved it right away. The somewhat small-town charm appealed to her and the short drive to their nearby cottage was also a huge feature.

It was then that Wendy took the plunge when she saw an ad one day for a bakery that was closing and selling all their equipment. Luck and faith were on her side. While the bakery was supposed to be small and quaint, this entrepreneur (which she doesn't consider herself but you know she is!) didn't expect what would happen. It took off like a flash without any real problems and now this establishment has 34 employees along with Wendy and her family. This modest venture turned into a place where the kitchen runs non-stop seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, and three shifts of people baking. Now that's impressive! Having had a definite picture in mind of a French patisserie, Wendy just went by her own tastes and that of her family when it came to choosing products to sell. Her concept is simple, to sell what she would want to buy from a bakery if she either didn't want to bake or just didn't have the time. I say keep doing what you're doing because everything within the bakery, I would purchase as I definitely wouldn't be able to recreate in my own kitchen. 

Wendy is personally invested in all her products and it clearly shows when you walk in the door. She strives to and takes pride in maintaining the highest standard in fine baking and cooking. Everything in the store is made fresh each day, using all-natural ingredients and as much local produce as possible. Wendy and her family literally add care and detail to everything they make at Bread & Butter Bakery. Though having been baking on her own after she got married, Wendy's learning progressed slowly over time and with many flops. She notes that it's always a learning experience and there is more to learn each day that goes by.

The bakery itself wouldn't be prospering without Wendy's team, who deserve oh so much appreciation. The hardworking staff endure the heat especially in the summer but still manage to put out high-quality consistent products which are enjoyed by all, as Bread & Butter Bakery supports many local organizations such as Martha's Table, the Food Bank, and the Ban Righ Centre. They also donate gift certificates to hundreds of fundraising events in Kingston and the surroundings each year. Involvement within the community is huge for Wendy as she finds it rewarding and satisfying. One aspect that I found truly touching was the simplicity of bread and butter being offered in lower-income schools in the area. It is a great gesture as some children have never had the opportunity to taste fresh bread. From young to old, Break & Butter Bakery is your one-stop shop. While its location is semi uptown and attracts west enders, it's worth the trek (it's only about ten minutes!) to nibble on some tempting handmade creations. 

With motivation and constant effort, you too can be in the same boat as Wendy and her pride and joy of Bread & Butter Bakery. Age isn't a factor when you start a business and Wendy is an inspiration to that. This family-owned business is here to stay and a gem of a place in Kingston.

Some lovely goodies that are offered in store:

You have to try the strawberry buttercream whether it's on a cupcake or cake, you'll know what I mean when you've had it. Take my word for it!

{Buttercream Cupcakes}

There was a crunch upon my first bite into the macaron and every bite after was splendid. Sweet, moist and airy, they are available in coconut, raspberry, chocolate and lemon. The lemon was my favourite as it was light and zingy. It's sometimes hard to distinguish taste with macarons, but Wendy and her staff have hit it spot on using all natural flavours without artificial preservatives resulting in great tasting products.

{Raspberry & Lemon French Macarons}

The vibrant redness of the plump strawberries shows their freshness and being local, makes them taste all that better. Beneath lays a creamy custard and a shell that had the consistency of a cookie/shortbread rather than a pie crust, which was actually quite pleasant. 

{Fresh Strawberry Tart}

I now understand why the strawberry rhubarb pie is one of Wendy's favourite. It was full of flavour, sweet and tangy. The crust was flaky but soft and fell apart in your mouth. Nothing says summer like a fruit pie and this was heavenly.

{Strawberry Rhubarb Pie}

{Strawberry Rhubarb Pie}

The loaf of bread was still warm when I had it and no toasting was required. To enjoy the true freshness of the bread, I spread some butter and homemade blueberry jam along with a side of poached eggs, let me tell you this is the last time I buy bread from a grocery store!

{Fresh Wholegrain Bread}

These butter tarts are like no other I've ever had! 

{Butter & Raisin Tart}

A bun in form of a muffin, how perfect is that? They sure are sticky so hopefully, you don't mind getting your fingers a tad messy.

{Raisin Bun}

Be sure to stop by 1530 Bath Road and get yourself some sweet treats or a savoury meal! 

Look out for more Taste of Kingston posts every Friday!
Rosalyn Gambhir
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