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Monday, July 15, 2013

After stumbling onto Tuckernuck's online boutique, I simply fell in love with it. Filled with attire and decor that gives the modern preppy look a twist, it has classic and timeless features tied into them. The site itself is quite amazing, featuring the cutest blog where they photograph real people styling their favorite pieces.

They have the most stylish skirts that can be worn either casually around the city or a tad dressed up to the office. Both youthful yet sophisticated, the skirts are primarily my main obsession at the moment. Oh along with the Needlepoint hat as it would be great to wear while rowing or lazy days in the sun.

Tuckernuck seriously needs to start shipping to Canada asap! Pretty please!

Doesn't Carly of The College Prepster look great in this chic statement piece skirt?!

She truly is my inspiration. She is my role model and has been since my third year of university. Her dedication to work is above average but she still stays true to herself and her style. A humble person indeed. Her reasoning for blogging was the exact same as mine, a creative outlet. A space where she could could write about light and exciting things. It was a way to relieve the stress of school, all its expectation and to document life digitally. 

She is known for her quirky preppy fashion sense and she sure does pulls it off, even in a city like New York!


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