Be Kind To Yourself

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Last week started out as every week would but then, there was a change - an unexpected change. A change that meant a new beginning and closing the door on another.

Let's Get Personal | You Are Important

For quite some time, I fought an inner battle and realized that taking care of myself was a priority. One year ago I started a new 9-5 job wide-eyed with youthful enthusiasm and passionate for growth. It was a chance to use my skills and talents but soon enough I realized the toxicity outweighed the good. Work was taking over my life and long before it dawned on me that the place where I was making my so-called living was hurting my life, my creative abilities and my mental well-being.

I was in denial.

The sole item that was used as a creative outlet i.e. this blog was slowly being tucked away as each day went by. This change in my life is for the better - as this past week of reflection has taught me that some doors just need to be shut as the world is filled with other opportunities that will allow you to shine even brighter in your own unique way.

With that said, hope has been restored. It may take a while, but with enough heart, visualization, and networking, anything and everything can be possible.

Don't forget to put YOU first!


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