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New Korean Restaurant: Seoul 2 Soul

In case you haven’t figured it out with my last few blog posts and older ones, I love food and experiencing new restaurants but also new cuisines! Say hello to Seoul 2 Soul on Princess St in downtown Kingston.

This was my first time actually getting the full low down on Korean cuisine. I know there are already quite a few Korean restaurants in Kingston and well, I thought it was about time I try something new. As a foodie, I'm always willing to step outside my comfort zone and go on an adventure.

So if you loved Kenko Sushi, then you'll fall in love with Seoul 2 Soul as it is run by the son of the same owners of the much loved west end spot. But this time, owners Jon and his wife Bo are offering quick and delicious traditional and fusion Korean dishes in a casual ambiance.

New Korean Restaurant Seoul 2 Soul in Kingston Ontario
Bae joined me on this new adventure and obviously, he's my foodie partner-in-crime so it was a no brainer. We were greeted by Jon the owner who was charismatic and gave us a quick lesson that Korean cuisine is largely based on rice, vegetables, as well as meats and provided us with some great suggestions. We ordered at the counter, they gave us a buzzer and away we went to find a seat. When the buzzer vibrates, well our food was ready to be picked up!

p.s. they also offer take out and prices are amazing for what you get.
Scroll down to have a peek at what I enjoyed with my foodie partner-in-crime:

New Korean Restaurant Seoul 2 Soul in Kingston Ontario

New Korean Restaurant Seoul 2 Soul in Kingston Ontario


Bibimbap is probably one of the most well-known Korean dishes. This ultimate one-dish meal is made up of steamed rice, assorted vegetables (bean sprouts, steamed spinach and carrots in our case) along with bulgogi aka thinly sliced marinated meat (we had beef) and topped with a fried egg.

It was a refreshing dish but also one that fills you right up! Definitely, a must-try if you haven't had Korean food before.

Bibimap Korean Restaurant Seoul 2 Soul in Kingston Ontario


This dish seemed a bit odd at first but as always, I'm up for trying things outside my comfort zone and boy was it ever good.  It was a neat combination that I wasn't expecting with the cheese, boiled egg and meat. It had spicy flavours from the sauce that balanced out with the cheese. Dukbokki is typically spicy and chewy rice noodles served with gochujang sauce and is a popular Korean street food.

If you can't handle spice, (I'm honestly so weak), order a glass of water just in case.

Dukbokki Korean Restaurant Seoul 2 Soul in Kingston Ontario


 Gamjatang, as we found out, is a wonderfully hearty and rich but a spicy Korean stew made with noodles, pork bones (oh so tender and fall of the bone delicious!) and potatoes. It’s was the perfect comfort meal to have on a cold winter Canadian day and was especially satisfying meal when paired with a bowl of rice. The green onions in the dish along with the sides added a nice profile. Overall, it was amazing and they give you gloves for a reason!

Highly recommend!

Gamjatang Korean Restaurant Seoul 2 Soul in Kingston Ontario

Gamjatang Korean Restaurant Seoul 2 Soul in Kingston Ontario


It's not a real Korean meal without banchan which are various side dishes that are presented along with your main entrees. Our mains came with buttered mushroom, kimchi and steamed spinach.

Banchan Korean Restaurant Seoul 2 Soul in Kingston Ontario


Basically, a big rice ball shaped into a triangle. It was such a surprise - crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, and it was quite the treat to have as it was stuffed with spicy pork but other options included spicy chicken and tuna mayo. If you're on the go, this is the perfect lunch or snack.

Onigiri Korean Restaurant Seoul 2 Soul in Kingston Ontario

 Overall all this place gets my vote and we'll be back!

Next time, I'll be trying out bulgogi gimbap which is sauteed vegetables, beef, sweet pickled radish and rice are rolled and tightly wrapped in a sheet of laver seaweed. Very similar to sushi! 

Where: 282 Princess St. Kingston, Ontario
Rosalyn Gambhir
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