Music Festival Season

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

With Digital Dreams right around the corner and VELD about a month away, I thought it'd be the perfect time to talk about music festival style and essentials. Let's get started! 

Keep your outfit simple and comfortable but don't be shy to express your own style. If that means wearing a flower headband or funky glasses, so be it! You're usual daily wardrobe won't do, so get creative and pull out those shorts (or summer dress) because it's going to be a hot one that's for sure! Oh and wear appropriate foot attire (no heels allowed please!), at the end of the day you'll thank me.

Remember that you'll be large crowds, so avoid carrying an oversized purse, simply bring what you need for the day. A small cross body purse will do the trick as you have enough room to store your phone, IDs, map, show tickets and keys. Don't forget to bring cash or debit as well. Lastly, a water bottle and sunscreen are key to keep yourself hydrated and prevent sun burns. 

Hope you're ready for some fun because I am! 

If you're headed to Digital Dreams in Toronto this weekend, let me know!


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