Spring Vibes

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

It's officially spring and I couldn't be any happier. This past weekend Kingston was treated to gorgeous weather and it has continued into the week. So I kid you not that I am one happy camper. I feel as though I am finally coming out of the winter shell I was in and with a new season here, it has been a true blessing as the sunshine is drawing out the creative side of me once again.

Recently I have been working from home as I left my full-time day job - with windows wide open, frequent coffee breaks outside at my favourite shops and getting to reconnect with my passion has done wonders for myself. I've had the chance to explore the city I live in a lot more, yes I love being a tourist in my own town i.e. The Staycationer and sharing my favourite spots with my readers.

One spot that truly resonates with me since my time in Kingston is the serene waterfront. I have lived here for a good eight years since I was a student and the calming affect of the waterfront has allowed me to task risks, push through barriers and embrace fear. I return to my roots of blogging this spring with the city of Kingston as my backdrop with a fresh view of the world and growing my creative outlet.

This is why I love Kingston: #waterfrontgoals

Spring Vibes Kingston

Oh hey that's me...

Spring Vibes Kingston

It doesn't get any better than this...

How stunning is this sunset?

Spring Tip: Remember to be kind to yourself and think positive thoughts!


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