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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

I hate starting things off on a bad note but it's November, day lights savings just passed and the cold weather is now officially among us. There's one thing though that bugs me the most at the moment and it's the time change. It gets SO dark so early in the day. I come home and by the time I make dinner, BAM! It's dark! It makes me want to snuggle into my cozy wear and wrap myself in a fleece blanket sipping tea.

But as with everything, we must embrace the cold and the dreaded time change. On the bright side, tartan is more popular than ever and I've been loving my blazer which has been hanging at the back of my closet for a year now ever since I purchased it from Bungalow, a vintage shop. Now that I have rediscovered it due to my love of Southern Proper's Tartan Frat Hat which are all sold out (sniff sniff), it's become my new bff against the cold along with my knit scarves and pashminas! 

Oh and say hello to my lovely new camera! So exited to be using it!

What do you like about November?


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