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Why Hello Again Motorola: Rogers Moto X

I will admit that I am a techie but when it comes to change with either my laptop or cellular device, it's hard. I will only purchase a new item if the other is non functioning or literally broken. My concept with everything, technology included is needs before wants. I'd consider a cell phone somewhat of a want as it is not a necessity of life. But let's be honest, everyone has a hard time unplugging. Admit it, you're all attached to your iPhones, Blackberrys or Androids. But.. there is an advantage to that, being a Rogers Social Insider! Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to join this team which will allow me to see some of the newest Rogers products, try out new devices that are currently and soon to be available in the market. How exciting!

It's kind of funny because I am rekindling a long lost friendship with Motorola, as the first cell phone I picked up and played with resembled the Motorola FlipPhone 2 that my mother was currently using. If you saw it now, you'd think it belonged in an episode of Save by the Bell. However, my very first cell phone I actually owned was the Motorola C333 in 2002 in my second year of high school followed by the Motorola V360 which I used till around 2008.

Now fast forward ten years and I own an iPhone as I gave into the trend and desperately needed a new phone which I have now possessed for a good few years! So the Rogers Social Insider opportunity came at the perfect time. Why? While I may know more about how the inner workings of a phone than the average person, the human interaction is a different story completely as each person has different needs and wants with their phone.

My first mission: Moto X

Imagine a phone where you have the ability to view your updates at a glance, snap pictures with a flick of a wrist and responds to your voice with no touch necessary. Well my lovelies, let me introduce to you the Moto X. All about simplicity, its sleek design fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and the focus is more so on the interaction (but not the touching kind!).

The four top features of the Moto X that I have played around with:

Active Notification

How neat is it that instead of draining your battery power, only a few pixels light up on the screen discreetly to convey information. With small symbols popping up on the screen, a simple touch and hold briefly gives a peek of the notification but then locks on its own as well. Mind blowing right!

Quick Capture

Twist your wrist twice and voila, your camera is on! Don't miss that special moment anymore! While I was in awe at first about the camera quality, I quickly realized that the iPhone captures bright colours more vividly and the Moto X gets much better low light shots, which I gathered at Dishcrawl Kingston snapping pictures of my dishes.

Motorola Assist

Imagine driving and and having your phone speak your text messages or silence itself because it knows you're sleeping. This has proved to be very convenient the past week.

Touchless Controls

The Moto X is 'ready when you are'. The simple voice command of "Okay Google Now" and the recognition of your voice,  the mobile device answers your needs without the touch of buttons or screen. Those few extra seconds are important for someone who is running late in the morning and needs to set reminders or a busy bee who needs to know when her next meeting is. This simple time saver has proved to be a good addition to the Moto X.

As I play more with the Moto X, updates take place automatically in the background while I slowly uncover new features. This 60 day challenge has proven to be quite the fun one as the Moto X has now become my daily go to phone for work, social media marketing, events, you name it! The comfortable design fits my lifestyle and the white casing just adds a special touch as well. I don't want to say it but I may be joining the Android side, sorry iPhone! My want may turn into a need, whoopsies...

Check back soon for more Moto X updates and my experience with being a Rogers Social Insider.



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Rosalyn Gambhir
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