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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Exciting news techies! 

The world's first curved flexible smartphone has arrived, the LG G Flex is exclusively offered through Rogers.

"LG G Flex fits the contour of your eyes, the palm of your hand, and the form of your silhouette. LG G Flex is innovation for the next generation, providing not only ergonomic design but also the most immersive viewing experience that is - quite literally - designed around you."

Top features:

6" Curved HD Display
LG G Flex's innovative curved display surrounds the contour of your eyes providing an immersive, panoramic viewing experience at optimal angles.

Self-healing Back Cover
The self-healing coating of LG G Flex's back cover will protect it from scratches that come from daily use, so it maintains a clean, like-new appearance.

Rogers LTE
Rogers LTE means that you can unleash your device to the max for a premium wireless experience.

Intuitive Rear Key
The LG G Flex's rear key is cleverly placed directly under the index finger when held in-handmaking it easy to use with convenient shortcuts and volume control.

A simple knocking gesture is all it takes to wake LG G Flex's display without picking it up or pressing the power key. It senses the gesture and turns the display on or off automatically.


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